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 On a sad and lonely day,I met him.My life has nothing but hideous truth about myself. I wish my life was better but it is not.When I was crying in the rain,I met "that" person. He filled my heart with hope and gave me my reason for life. He said "I will protect you" and it made my heart throb like nothing before. He gives me warmth and closure and he is always by my side.When the world turned upside down and I was left by myself in my own world,he came to me and said "everything will be alright". I remember how my tears were like many droplets at once and he wiped away my tears with his hands.He told me he was scary and he would hurt me but when I'm near him,I feel like I can face the world. Everyday was sadness even with friends,I felt all alone and different until he came and loved me for who I am.I still don't know who he is or where he came from but he is like an angel that came down from heaven for me.He calls me special and beautiful,he says he is not worthy of me but instead I am not worthy of him. How could someone like me ever be with someone like him. He is not perfect and makes mistakes but to me he is the most perfect man that I love.


  • Love ❤️ the stuff you wrote

    Mar 19, 2019

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