Today TOMMOROW Were TOGETHER Forever Chapter 2 Read Count : 2

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Sub Category : Drama

At the restaurant

Chaerin and yeonjun went together inside the restaurant where the group is supposed to meet up

And there the boys were waiting for them to arrive they were just sitting with their phones

Yeonjun broke the silence that sorrounds the group it seems odd since their silent and not being to much active as she expected them to be

Yeonjun: hello good afternoon in here im sorry if im late i actually have to go with her here cause i want to introduce her to everyone her name is chaerin she is one of my long time friend and also she works in big hit as a producer she can produce anything please introduce yourself to her

The first one to introduce himself is kai he was a bit shy but he managed to introduce himself to chaerin

Kai: my name is kai my full name is huening kai im the youngest of the group i like singing ofcourse and i would love to be friends with you

The second person to introduce himself is beomgyu he seemed cold but his handsome so let it pass

Beomgyu: my name is choi beomgyu i am the 2nd youngest of the group

The third guy is taehyun handsomeness was dripping onto him he was so handsome  that chaerin cant stop looking at his face

Taehyun: my name is kang taehyun im very excited seeing you for real yeonjun keeps talking about you whenever we have nothing to talk about you seem interesting

And the fourth but not the least is soobin the lovable leader of txt he has this aura that leaders only have that scary one

Soobin: my name is choi soobin and im the leader of txt nice to meet you

After they introduced themselves they started eating well chaerin didnt enjoy much she is still awkward around the boys except yeonjun since they have beeb friends for long timr


  • Mar 18, 2019

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