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Well well well here's to another morning of freshly fucked mind...unfriended, be friended, now I have your attention thank you for the big dose of Will...going back to the original plan...Faith...karma works fast both ways...I am a woman whose wrath supersede I will not go without a fight .. look at all you, your memories when u were cool.

Well well well.... here's to another morning of fleshly fucked mind..

As the tounges of people I see are split like a serpents...lies,and more lies who are you trying to hide..yourselves from a woman who don't have to plan how you will die because that's not the death. from the ashes you will rise you should worry about the next life... trust in what is shown no questions asked ..this is what Faith , courageous will, unconditional love for the justice...of each and everyone who .

Well well well here's to another morning...fuck you...I am done caring for you and you oh yea the ones who of high the coolness. Ya ya growing up and raising kids we all do it...that is not a acceptable excuses to lie or hide from what a woman's  truth beholds .. your eyes wide open looking straight at me....look at all of you all grown up and super cool...

The truth is going to get you and your fucking egos

The truth is going to get you always in the end

The truth will have you paying you karmic debts ..

The truth is in death there is hope and I have fleshly

Just fucked your mind in unfriended,  be friended...

88.....more ...

By Jacqueline L Medearis 


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