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my β€ goes out 

to all the lost souls
The ones without a home
Stuck in the cold
Controlled by strong holds
Carrying a heavy load
Unable to unload
Stuck at a crossroad
In an overload
Im about to explode
And help them reload
And be bold
I got that secret code
There living life as if there souls were stoled
I dont live by the building code
Ima help them along this rocky  road
Im in my zone
a holy goast episode
Im sending God a morse code
That only God knows
I give the devil low blows
Its time for him to fold
And reap the harvest he has sowed
My πŸ”₯
I reload
I was weaker than weak
Now in Christ im bold
Knowledge he has bestowed
I decode
This download
Ive never flowed
Im in transfer mode
Accomplishing my work load
Im taking back this area code
Saving souls by the truck load
Im on that ministry road
I cant beleive that i tiptoed
Now Im in a musical mode
Reveling a secret code
God dowloaded
A play load
I need a radio show
To induce a miracle
For All of GODS people
I dont preach in the steple
I stay far from the temple
Be open minded
And parables
Become simple
My πŸ”₯ is kindled
The anointing is poured out
Not sprinkled
GOD is on His throne
The devils on the commode
Full of bull shit
He is ship wreaked
No im not perfect
But i know how to connect
And cause an affect
I quote scriptures correct
Though bible studies i neglect
Ima protect Every suspect
And convict
And show them respect
The devil i evict
Im causing a doppler effect
Christ did resurrect
I protest
In this fit
Correct the counterfit
Im Holy Goast lit
I predict
Its time to reflect
And redirect
Lets unite
And Gath together
And put thid fight to rest
Lets leave the devil speechless


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Good workπŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

    Mar 17, 2019

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