A Blessing For Life -My Beautiful Child. Read Count : 3

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Beneath the skies of a tranquil night

The shining  stars and the moon so bright

Looking up to the wonderful sight

Standing by the sea towards the light. 

Questioning the strength which is  just so might

Controlling the world which is beyond the light 

For the blessings on me which are our of sight

Thanking the god with my palms closed tight.

A voice I heard in a beautiful tone

From the power above who has never shown

He said to me that you are never alone

My mercy on you is always domed.

Amidst the gifts I have given you

The precious of all is for very few

The angel that dwells inside you

To bring into this world I have chosen you

Pondering upon the words to me

Finding the pleasure given to me

For the unique treasure given to me

Looking around to find the key

After a while a thought in my mind

Within myself a key I could find

A feeling in me that is very fragile

That is none other than my beautiful child


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Just Beautiful

    Mar 16, 2019

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