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I understand that still many feel that by staying silently and taking ALMIGHTY GOD'S name any problems can be solved. I also believe in GOD but that doesn't mean we should stay silent and look at HIM for each and every thing. Yes it is true even after we becoming old still we are the same in front of ALMIGHTY GOD but does that mean we really can't do anything. I feel instead of putting entire responsibility on GOD if we even each one of us try to take at least 0.1% of his work today the world would have been different.W

1) When the humans brought money in the place of barter system at that time itself if proper rules would have been made today they would have been some relief. If you ask a youth and a old man simultaneously about the expense, the youth would say it doesn't matter because he is still young and can earn but if you ask the old man he would say it is too much still somehow by the grace of GOD I am alive because he is old and doesn't have that strength he had in his youthness. Even the expense isn't the same the prices of the commodity isn't the same as compared to the present one with the time of the old man, where the price of each commodity would have been  just 10% of what today's price is and in future this price might become 10% of the future price but we people who are young now might turn old and if we are lucky our children's would look after us but in majority of the cases this is not the situation. 

2) If prices keeps on increasing steadily with the growing population, would you people's earning would increase according to your increasing age, and finally how many of us would be fortunate enough to earn that much of money needed to lead our olden days happily. For instance: your parents would have earned just few dollars say some 100 dollars and would have spent a great life fulfilling all their as well as their childrens desire but today even 10000 dollars isn't sufficient for a month and in future even a crore dollar would be useless. 

3) SATAN was the first one to pioneer the concept and he had predicted this would happen before millennium of years ago and for this reason he never desired to bring others in the place of GOD but humans after the increase of knowledge brought metals during metal age and then started rating the metal as platinum, gold, silver, bronze, brass, copper, aluminium, alloy, iron, steel and made stainless steel as the reigning metal, after gold, silver coins and have now made MONEY AS THE ONLY GOD AND MASTER AND HAVE BECOME ITS SLAVE. 

4) When ALMIGHTY GOD while creating the earth, if HE would have taxed the air, water, fire and land and would have made it available only on payment of something have we humans who think ourselves as God would have survived? IF EVEN GOD WOULD HAVE ORDERED THE SATAN THAT PROVIDE THE AIR, WATER, SUNSHINE, MOONLIGHT, FIRE AND OTHER NATURAL MATERIALS ONLY ON PAYING HIM SOMETHING IN RETURN WOULD HAVE WE HUMANS HAD ANYTHING ON THIS EARTH. 

5) It is entirely our own shit activities that has made this planet a patient. It is completely our fault and no one else is responsible for everything that is happening on the earth. We can speak lots of great things but are we strong enough to rebel government decisions and to ask them for benefits. They collect money in the form of tax and promise to bring benefits but fail in it, does that mean it is the end of our life. If GOD, Who is the original creator of our earth doesn't levy tax for any of his services then who are those people in the names of some dead government suck our blood by monopolising GOD'S assets and what impotents are we, who instead of finding a solution follow their rules like a lamb. 

6) I condemn and severely oppose the fit for nothing govt rules and regulations which is of no use to common people like us. My hero SATAN makes no rules, regulation and doesn't live on the alms of humans, it is 4 millennium years he has completed successfully but of all the years the recent trend of growing inflation is considered by him as the worstest one of all the years of his experience so far. 

7) It is really a bad rapport set by humans. GOD was correct, if eve wouldn't have ate the fruit of knowledge in paradise of GOD everything would have been fine, they would have been no earth, no difficulties and all this sorrows for us. The mistake committed by that bitch has proved too costly and is showing no signs of healing rather than increasing the chances of this planet's process of demolition and we idiots even after knowing that we still have time to dance, drink and party but no time for our planet as if our parents have created another planet for us. No one is feeling tensed nor angry at the increasing rate of sin and instead of at least raising some voice have surrendered to it and are working like dogs to please it. 

Did ALMIGHTY GOD created this planet for this reason and what is wrong in SATAN warning now itself the people to correct their mistakes. Somehow he wanted a mediator and I am doing his work of informing people in advance because we humans are so shameless that we keep on lying even for silly things. GOD has this strange character and SATAN as inherited it from his MASTER. GOD warns prior anything so that people would at least in the given time would correct their bad acts and protect themselves from HIS wrath but as SATAN always says THERE IS NOTHING GREATER THAN PUNISHMENT ON THIS EARTH AND UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU DON'T GET PUNISHED YOU DON'T REALISE YOUR MISTAKES AND WOULDN'T DARE TO REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES AGAIN AND AGAIN. Because we are humans and we truly deserve punishments rather than rewards and we are only worth it. 


  • Mar 16, 2019

  • Good work my friend

    Mar 17, 2019

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