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WI-FI: our 24/7 companion……think about it!!!

WI-FI is known as “wireless fidelity “it is our 24 hours support to  Internet without wiring.

It’s an individual’s best friend nowadays.Itus used to support wlan wireless local area network and which works in all the electronic devices such as laptops, tablets , computers and especially smart phones as a 24 hour Internet facility network. Nowadays wifi is ruling today’s world in places of work like schools, colleges, hospitals and business enterprises.It has become a necessity not only for the outside world but for every individual from young to the  old generation.Approximately  9.5/10 people on this planet are addicted to wifi.Allof us are surrounded by networks , electronic waves and radiation which can turn out to be malignant.

Children are also addicted to wifi because it entertains them and is a very powerful necessity .The extravagant usage of Internet by children or adults can lead to infinite health problems due to late night keeping awake.ultimately children turn up sleepy  the following day and are distracted and are unable to concentrate in studies.

The present young generation use internet through wifi connection in their smartphones. .They use social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. The generation today use the phones till late nights and there is continous use of  coordination of mind , eyes and hands.Eyes  are exposed to harmful radiation emitted by the light of the display.Everybody is surrounded by networks …..and because of constant engagement in phones and gadgets providing every facility there is very less physical activity that is why nowadays an individual’s health has become a major cause of concern. It is our responsibility to refrain from excessive unwanted uses of phones , and electronic devices..Anything used beyond limits is harmful. ….

“Live healthy and stay happy!!!!!!!”


  • Mar 16, 2019

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