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Over 100,000 in the new kingdom. Chance-Quinn Kingdom; founded by Yoseph and Jessica and ruled by Yoseph's mom, Yoseph, and Jessica.

"I don't care how you get the bitch, just get her!" Yelled a voice, "he'll pay!"

"Yes sir!"

Jessica got ready, running around their newly built capitol house. The floors were so new and shiny that they reflected everything on it: the flowers, paintings, and even the people in the house. It was a big day for Yoseph, officially becoming king of the new kingdom.

"Babe, get up! You need to get ready!" Yelled Jessica.

"Ugh! One more hour..." groaned Yoseph turning in the bed away from the sunlight.

"I'll give you a little something something tonight if you get up now," she smirked. Yoseph looked up, one eye closed other one half open, "Last time you offered that something something you lied and went straight bed. So, no."

"I mean it baby, come on.."

"No, I'll get up in five minutes." Jessica left th bedroom to their bathroom, doing her hair.

Yoseph walked down the stairs, Jessica by his side. His mom was already down there, on a stool talking to the population of their new nation. She turned around, and smiled:

"... And here's your King and Queen now!"

Everyone started cheerin. Clapping loudly. Everyone is happy.

"Hello citizens of Chance- Quinn. I'm here to announce three great things for us today. No, make that four! The first one is, you all are now part of the family, we all honor and love you as our owns, and as our own we promise, I, promise to protect you all from the terrors of the enemies..." Everyone started cheering again, fireworks went off, exploding in the air.

"Second, we, Jessica and I, are having babies. Yes, we are having twins! One girl and one boy! If you want to help us, do please by sending us baby clothes for them; thank you!" Pink and blue closerd gas clouds poured down the stage.

"Third," paused Yoseph, getting on one knee, "Jessica my beautiful girlfriend, will you marry me?" Jessica teared up, and so did everyone in the crowd. She nodded her head, "Yes!" Yoseph hugged her tight and kissed her lips for a long time, letting everyone watch.

"Fourth... You all are invited to the marriage!" Everyone, boys and girls, screamed and shouted. Clapping their hands hard and loud. Most of the girls cried tears of joy.

Ceremony eneded, everyone went home. Yoseph went on a business trip to talk to five other new countries to form an alliance. Ms. Quinn went to a board meeting with fifteen of the current queens and female head of states. Jessica stayed home by herself with guards at her doors and snippers on her roof.

"You two are going to have an amazing life. Me and your dad love you already." Jessica runned her stomach and smiled. A knock was at her door, "Ma'am! Duck!" Yelled a voice. She got to her knees and covered her head. All her guards came rushing in and circled around her, bullets were shot.

"Ma'am, let's go follow them!" Yelled one of the guards. She did. She stayed in a bunker all night with the guards posted in and out of it. Yoseph came home the next day.

"Jessica, are you ok!"

"Yeah baby, no need to worry," she said in a calming voice, smiling.

"Are you sure..?" Jessica nodded her head and rubbed her stomach. Yoseph kissed Jessica on the head and then kissed her stomach.


Fires raged everywhere. Everyone screaming. Yoseph called for everyone to the capitol; Chance Quinn were in flames. Yoseph posted guards all over the kingdom, looking for any stragglers.

"Jessica!" Yelled Yoseph.

"Yoseph help- Ouch!" Yelled Jessica.

"Jessica! I'm coming!" Cried Yoseph.

Yoseph found Jessica tied up, her stomach baring out. "Jessica!" Yoseph ran towards her; just a step away he was shot at by a figure that came out of the shadows. They slapped Jessica and took her, "The boss will love you, but the pregnancy is a no go," commented the person. Her eyes widen, tears filled them:

"No! Leave my babies alone!"

They vanished into the darkness. 


Ms. Quinn came back home. She ruled over the country and everything while Yoseph had a break down for weeks.

"Baby boy, you okay..?"

"No mom, Jessica was just kidnapped with my babies and I am sitting here crying!" Answered Yoseph.

"I'm sorry Yoseph..."

"Mom, watch over the country," paused Yoseph, "I'll be gone for awhile."


Yoseph gave the citizens a national message. Informing what's going on in the country. 

He left the next day. He kissed his mother goodbye.

Yoseph met with the current leader of the Gun Gang Family. Gun Gang King Alzer. They stared at each other for a long time.

"Where is my fiance?" asked Yoseph pulling out a gun.

"Fuck you! She's mine now!" Alzer answered back, smiling. Yoseph shot next to his head, deafening Alzer in his right ear.

"Tell me no, or I won't miss this time!"

"She's inthe middle of giving birth to your children so I can have an heir to the throne!" he chuckled, "you filthy Quinnians! I'll make sure my military wipe you out along with your petty excuse of a nation." Alzer left the room laughing. Yoseph stood there, angry, not knowing what to do.

"Hey basterd! Give me my wife and I'll give you want you want in return!"

"Anything?" Alzer smirked and turned around.

"Anything." Yoseph stood his ground.

"I want your wife" Alzer whispered in Yoseph's ear, "or die, and leave your newly born kids fatherless."

"I'd rather die than let you be with her and touch her like she just your sex toy!" Yoseph fired back.

"Be that way!" Alzer shouted, "guards!"

Guards came rushing in, grabbing Yoseph. He was dragged to a stadium filled with millions of people; most from other neighboring states. Jessica was in the VIP, holding their babies.

"People of Gun Gang, we have here a public execution! Yoseph Quinn, former king of Gun Gang and former president of Chance-Quinn!" Everyone cheered. Jessica was escorted out of the stadium and out of the nation by her personal guards.

They placed Yoseph's head on a metal stump. The gun was loaded, waiting for the word to go. Yoseph smiled and chuckeled, "That's my ransome, I die, she lives so does my kids."

"I'm glad." said Alzer.

"You started something you can't finish." Yoseph said closing his eyes, "you started a war that will kill hundreds of thousand of people. My people."

"If war is what it takes to have your sexy wife as my new toy, so be it." commented Alzer signaling them to fire. Yoseph's body was sent back to Chance-Quinn, with a note:

Preparefor war, I will get what I wanted.


  • Mar 22, 2019

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