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My last article was just a model explaining what 1% of SATAN power is. It is true I feel there is some sort of mental disorder in me, the same disorder which lots of people( nearly about 40% of world population) is facing. 

1) After studying lots of theories it states THERE IS MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM CAPACITY FOR ALL THE MATERIALS ON THE EARTH INCLUDING THIS PLANET ALSO. If we keep on pouring water in 1 ltr bottle it's min is 0 and max is 1 ltr afterwards even if you try as hard as possible it won't intake even 1 drop of water. So I felt even this earth has a min and max. Minimum doesn't affect but it is the maximum that affects this planet and the only problem in me is I FEEL THE EARTH WILL VERY SOON CROSS ITS MAXIMUM RATE. 

2) The silly thing is NO INTELLIGENT PERSON CAN EXACTLY SAY THE MAXIMUM POWER OF THIS PLANET. Might be I am mad or else my thoughts might be a hallucination but still I can see that the future is not very good and it surely has many different torments which this mad person is unable to guess. 

3) I go out look around the earth is so great and it seems nothing really is going to happen, I am just bluffing and is also spoiling my health but still I always stay restless to know that nothing is happening and feel good because if WHAT I THOUGHT WOULD START HAPPENING THEN EVEN PEOPLE WOULD LEAVE HOPES OF SURVIVAL AND WOULD COMMIT SUICIDE AND DIE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

4) Earth is a very weak planet and can become sick within months or years, what we now look at this planet might not be the same after my thought gets a real form of action. It would be funny but according to me earth is too sensitive to immunity and gets affected within no time, let it be disease, natural calamities or any thing this planet hardly needs a DOCTOR. I HAVEN'T SEEN ANY SPECIALIST WHO CAN CURE THE DISEASE OF THIS PLANET. 

5) Even during the time of 4th greatest mass extinction when noah existed, he also had the same mental disease which I am having now, when he warned the people of future calamity they laughed, made fun of him and even drove him but after some months of his warning HIS DISORDER PROVED TRUE AND PEOPLE WERE HELPLESS BECAUSE NOAH'S TIME OF PROTECTING PEOPLES CAME TO AN END AND ALL HE COULD SEE WAS THEIR DESTRUCTION AND IT WAS THE END OF THEIR RACE COMPLETELY. GOD finished their lifelines mercilessly because even when noah warned all of them for months before the natural calamities those idiots were drinking, dancing with ladies and thought nothing will happen but when the mass extinction took place it didn't give them even a chance to cry, so vulgar was the reality. 

Today also when ever I watch the movies of 2012, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, GEOSTORM, SAN ANDERAS, I try to comfort myself saying it is all fake movies and no such things will ever happen but can't really guarantee WHETHER IT IS 100% FAKE OR GENUINE IN THE COMING FUTURE TIMES. The only happiness is IF ANY SUCH THING HAPPENS NOT ONLY ME BUT THE ENTIRE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH WILL FACE IT AND I WILL BE THE FIRST ONE TO GO. But I don't want to die because I know the cure of the disease, I know WHAT I SEE CAN BE CHANGED BUT THE PROCESS NEEDS COMPLETE FACTORY RESET OF THIS EARTH AND IT MEANS WIPING OUT ALL THE UPDATES (PROGRESS) WHICH HUMANS HAVE MADE TO THIS PLANET EARTH AND IF THIS IS NOT DONE THEN THE VIRUS(money) DEVELOPED BY THE HUMANS WILL NOT SPARE THE HUMANS FROM TURNING INTO MONEY ZOMBIES AND SOME DAY OR ANOTHER A PERSON WITH MONEY CAN'T GO OUT PEACEFULLY BECAUSE THERE WILL BE LOTS TO LOOT IT, if he or she doesn't oblige to it then they would lose their life and I don't want this planet to see that day. After reading my article everyone might laugh but if population increases and if only few persons have the money and remaining people need to starve then it won't take long for them to turn into zombies. Somehow people have become devils when they see money and too soon that time would also come when people would kill each one in more quantities just because of petty cash. Don't know I am going mad or else WHAT I AM WRITING NOW IS FUTURE'S INDICATION BUT FOR THE TIME PERIOD MY ENTIRE HOPE RESTS ON MY HERO SATAN. I feel I am suffering from a strange mental disorder but I don't have proof, all that I can do is just write till my time permits me and when I feel it is too much I will quit. 


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    Martha Paredes

    Everything that has a beginning has an end.

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