Death By Love Read Count : 3

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Ego schrunized by unacceptance.

Leaving hopelessness and tears fallen into the pier.

Dread like pain,you remember why it is there. 

The person has thou not recognize your worth to his mind.

The strong perfume of womans scent being a delighted to your eyes.

Ye has not yet even embrace such indulgences. 

Breathe in her existences, a syponus of her soul.

How you could not be even curious to notice her?

You, egotastic devil 

Hungry craving for sex sad man

Looking for fame and women

When you have one that been wait a long time 

It Is sad.

Despite her deliver of all she has proven,

No amor return but spineless attitude. 

Brewing her to the pits of darkness.

She tries trial and error,each risk these thoroughbred losers think she not enough. 

They do not even know what is enough themselves.

Judge only her body,judge only her past.

Look never in the pool of passion that ready for you.

Dismiss "her " by place in isolated dimension. 

Where friends can only be friends forever. 

No closure opening the gates of bliss.

Sudden silence,lonesome nights occupy a young heart start to stop working.

 Considerable the pillars of her life

Reject by some. 

Lust for her attention not desire, a sin.

These climax triggered end to her will.


  • very well written

    Mar 14, 2019

  • good

    Mar 14, 2019

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