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My hero SATAN has very less patience and due to this all the angels, demigods and utmost all the forces fear him and the world also knows that IF SATAN DECIDES TO FINISH OFF SOMETHING, STOPPING HIM IS FOOLISHNESS AND NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. 

1) So SATAN after finishing his court case walks to the UNO and after disguised as the speaker sends all the countries government a official emergency notice to unite at World Parliament to discuss on a matter within 12 hrs and orders the defence to send their superfast jet planes to escort them. So the defence sends 197 planes for 195 countries including 2 planes for holy see and state of Palestine. So within 12 hrs all the planes arrive with their countries prime minister and defence minister. 

2) Immediately all are of them were escorted to the world parliament where all the arrangements were made. They were served food and emergency medical team were planted there. 

3) After 1 and half long hrs SATAN disguised as the main authority arrives there, all the countries prime and defence ministers and presidents stand up and salute the great SATAN. SATAN sits down following all of them sit down. 

4) As per the orders of the UNO the satellite division cuts all the TV channels and radio stations programmes and relays the mega world parliament discussion into all the 197 countries of the world, even the Internet connections were switched off for time period. The people are confused and few switch off their TV and radio and finally once again switch on their TV get tensed to see the parliament relay and even on the streets of many countries near TV showrooms lots of people gather to see the reason for this inconvenience. So all of them at last switch off their mobile phones watch and hear with curiosity as if what is going to happen. 

5) The SATAN as a speaker delivers just one minute speech SILENCE ALL OF YOU MEMBERS I WILL SUBMIT YOU FEW CLIPS AND I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THIS? IF YOU SOLVE THIS GARBAGE YOU ALL WILL STAY ALIVE IN YOUR POSTS OR ELSE THE CONSEQUENCES WON'T BE FAVOURABLE FOR EACH ONE OF YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY'S PEOPLE. Saying this the SATAN asks the projector manager to switch off the lights and show the clips brought by the SATAN on the mega 140mm big screen in full HD version. The clips starts as following 

A) Mind blowing terrorism attacks on innocent peoples and how their daily lives getting affected 

B) Border issues and how people are suffering for a normal life

C) Improper govt hospitals and how private hospitals are sucking peoples blood

D) No proper education and how international education is becoming too costly for the ordinary peoples reach

E) Even after the presence of govt fair shop depos why aren't they providing proper food materials to people at concessional rates

F) Why transport rates are peeking high and high there by their increased hikings

G) Finally why govt is blind on severe punishments when crime gets committed and why government is encouraging crime in their country

After showing lots of clips the SATAN who is the main authority of the entire parliament summit warns the prime minister, president and defence minister to correct it before it's too late. After watching all the clips when the project manager switches on the lights all of the entire parliament is empty and the prime minister, president and defence minister were all present in their country's parliament houses and the relay of all the stations program got relayed as normal and even the peoples were confused and few feared and after lots of enquiry the officials couldn't make out what happened exactly in 14 hrs, all the CCTV Footage showed all of the ministers in the Parliament but not the main authority, the seat was empty and after enquiries they found out that the main authority himself was not feeling well on that time and was in the hospital for medical check up and how did all the ministers reached their respective countries within hrs was a mystery, they all couldn't understand nor know the reasons behind this but predicted that IT WAS SOMETHING BEYOND THEIR REACH. Anyhow lots of people cheered up that AT LAST THEY GOT SOMETHING REALLY GOOD TO CHEER UP BUT ALSO THE CONSEQUENCES IF THE GOVERNMENT FAILED TO ACT AS ORDERED BY THAT MYSTERIOUS PERSON. Everyone had only one question who was he?

Meanwhile SATAN as usual says to himself I KNOW ABOUT THIS PEOPLE, THEY WILL THINK ABOUT THIS FOR 2 DAYS AND WILL FORGET AND THE SIN WILL INCREASE LIKE ANYTHING AND IF THEY DON'T TAKE MY WORDS SERIOUSLY I WON'T SPARE THEM. IT IS QUITE LONG TIME SINCE I HAVE HUNTED. Saying this the SATAN leaves the government and its people to the mercy of ALMIGHTY GOD and as usual disappears in the midst of air. 


  • I fear him not and will succeed in stopping him

    Mar 14, 2019

  • You have done it

    Mar 14, 2019

  • The time will come when all of humanity will bend at the knee and beg for mercy and forgiveness.

    Mar 15, 2019

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