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This is a true story.

     My parents were out of town for the weekend, but instead of having a keg party which was what we normally did, we decided to have a calm night of hanging out while tripping. It was the five of us, plus I had invited the girl I was dating at the time, Alice, to come out. She couldn't stay all night, having made plans of going out with her friends later. Fortunately, she was there while all of us stood in the driveway, waiting for something to happen. The thought of asking Ted for more was soon nonexistent, while my body felt heavier than normal. It washed over me like a wave crashing against a fishing boat, leaving poured water running on the deck. I had to sit down. 

      "Hey, you okay?" Alice asked, looking down at me. 

      I didn't answer. The lights up on each side of my garage door lit up the driveway that was covered with leaves. I couldn't stop staring at the shadows each leaf made. Alice put her hands on her knees and arched down to get closer. "What's wrong?"

      "The lights… and… " I trailed off, not being able to put my thoughts into words. 

      Alice bent down to sit next to me and tried to see what I was talking about. "You mean the leaves' shadows from the light?" She smiled. 

      Even though she wasn't feeling what I was, it was still nice. I loved her right then. 

      But then…,


      I was seeing flashes as if I had been hit in the head with a bat, except there was no pain. Everything that was illuminated by the garage lights was now moving. Whatever I looked at began spinning or rotating in a circle. My eyes felt twice their size like either they had grown or someone was holding the open. Sitting down had been a good choice now that my head felt dizzy and light-headed. I closed my eyes, thinking I could escape the world melting in front of me. A bad mistake. 

      In the darkness behind my eye lids, what looked Mayan and geometric patterns floated around in spirals amongst random flashes of lights. I could hear Alice asking me if I was all right, but she sounded like she was in a tunnel, miles away. I managed to shake my head. 

     "No?" She asked. "What do you want to do?"

     The chaos calmed down to where I could speak. "Let's go upstairs."

      We both got up and headed inside. Loud shouts came from behind. "Oooooooh!" "Gonna some, huh?!" my friends yelled, followed by kiss smoothies. They thought we were going inside to mess around. That wasn't the case. However, that's what Alice thought we were doing, as well. 

      When we went to my room, we went straight to the bed. We never even bothered turning the light off. We only each other, bad. By now, I was feeling lightyears better thus we proceeded to make out. But once things were about to get hot and heavy, it started back up again. On my wall, above my computer, I had a poster of Tom Green from his show on MTV (back when it didn't make me want to rip out my eyes and swallow them). In the picture, he was wearing devil horns and a huge grin showing lots of teeth. But right now, his horns were growing bigger. His teeth were massive. And his eyes, I couldn't look at his eyes, they terrified me. 

      "What's wrong? What's wrong?!" Alice's concerned voice wasn't her normal soothing voice I had loved. Everything was different, in an evil and sinister way. 

      I shut my eyes as hard as I could and yelled, "Turn off the lights! Turn off the lights!"

      I felt Alice jump up and off the bed and after hearing a few loud footsteps, the light-switch clicked. With eyes closed, all I could see was blackness until the echoes from the light switch created something else. I'd never seen anything darker than black. It was hollow and reeked of death; it was so unknown, my eyes shot open from the panic its emptiness created. Seeing the silhouette of Alice became my life raft thrown out to pull me back into safety. But, the fear hadn't left; it was only getting started. 

The rest of my friends had began tripping, as well. Their loud shouts of laughter traveled from the street they stood on, across the yard, up in the air and through my second story window. While they sounded like they'd fallen down the rabbit hole, up in my room I had taken a wrong turn. 

     As Alice's soft lips pressed against mine while straddling my torso, I noticed my lips were vibrating. I stopped moving as she continued kissing around my frozen lips. She didn't catch on before I told her to stop. 

     "Hmm?" She formed a moan into a question. 

     "Quit. Quit. Quit," I rambled. "Shhhhh."

     Alice pulled away, concerned. "What! What is it?" I felt her push herself off me then falling to the side. The quickness of her forced elbow into the bed to use her hand as a lifted pillow told me I was mistaken. She wasn't concerned, but annoyed. This was insignificant compared to the unnerving, spectral glow I was lost inside. 

     "Hey." Alice shook my arm. "Hey! Are you all right? What are you seeing?"

     Without taking my eyes off the walls with strobe traces flying around the darkness like a meteor shower through space. But the black space felt self-aware and was moving, I turned my head and whispered, "We've got to get out of here—   …Now!"

     I hadn't realized the vast amount of glow-in-the-dark things in my room, until Alice tried to calm me down by informing me of this. I laid back down as she hopped up to turn the lights back on. 

     Big mistake. 

     I made a run for it before the walls melted us into the floor. It was too much. I'd taken too much. A mission to evacuate was necessary and underway. 

To be continued... 


  • Mar 17, 2019

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