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GODOPEDIAOLOGY: My friends I have a strange desire in me

JESUS: What Is that child?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: I want to make a movie

SATAN: As if it isn't sufficient that many are dying hard you wanna to join them

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: You have mistaken me. I want to make a movie which no one in the world can make or even think about it

JESUS: but if you make a movie it will cost you like anything and I guess you don't even have 1% of it

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: When I have both of you, why should I think about someone else

SATAN: You mean that we will provide you the money that you want to produce a movie


JESUS: I think you should drop that idea my child, we both are GOD'S SONS and not ALMIGHTY GOD

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: You don't know my ideas and if you would have known it you people wouldn't speak like that

SATAN: Tell me what is your idea?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: After watching all the movies on the earth I felt we 3 of us should direct and produce the final edition of all the movies and declare an end to it

Both JESUS and SATAN look at each one's face but couldn't make out what GODOPEDIAOLOGY really wants

Time shortage...... to be continued.......... 


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    Mar 11, 2019

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    Mar 12, 2019

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