My Girlfriend Passed Away Read Count : 11

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Another sound from that machine. I stood next to my girlfriend Alex's bed

 I wasn't alone. My brother morgan came to support me. Her family softly talking to the tall doctor. 


My heart was pounding out of my chest. My brother put his arm around me to support me. Softly I take her hand. She looks gentally at me a sad and sorry smile rested up on her delegate face. 


She was gone. My life was over. The hand i took was suddenly cold. I knew I would miss her. Her warm smile when she saw me. Her soft voice when she picked up the phone. "Kieran...I'm so sorry". Morgan says softly. I can feel the warm tears stream down my delegate cheak. My brother flings his arms round me. He hugged me softly. I was in no mood to talk. In no mood to even stay there. Politely I ask my brother to take me home. "Yes Morgan replies 


  • Jay aLLeVi8eD

    Jay ALLeVi8eD

    You want to know what this is really like? Here New First Chapter of Memoir by Jay aLLeVi8eD

    Mar 10, 2019

  • Mar 11, 2019

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