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I have a wonderful cat named Shadow I have a story for of how he almost died on the table.

So I was 9 or 8 at the time and I had to go to bed for school, and after about 1 or 2 hours I seen from under my door the kitchen light on. So I gotten out of bed and I opened my door to look and, Shadow was on our table in the kitchen. I was wondering why everyone was around him and I walked into the kitchen and, he was panting like a dog. And they had him in a blanket or towel and had some water beside him, and I came in to see what happen and my mom had tears in her eyes she was crying a lot. So I asked " What happen mom?", I sounded like a little baby asking for a balloon that was huge and cute looking. My mom said,"Shadow went into the dryer and Johnathan heard a bumping noise so he stopped it, and saw Shadow inside and told us." On the inside of me was weird I had anger and sadness, I looked at Shadow and petted him on the head and he was purring a little though. I thought he was going to die and his tail was weird too, the fur was all together but it was like groups of fur together in little spots. 

He looked so sad and scared I wanted to hug him but I didn't, so then I went back to bed and then in the morning he was hidden in the bathroom. He stayed there for a long long time, then now he is kinda normal he can run around meow and all of that. But he goes around the house weird like in a movement of I don't know were to go! But it is kinda funny but, he is really skinny and we give him canned cat food. His favorite is Shredded Chicken And Gravy, and other kinds but he is alive! Hope you enjoyed!


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