Only Human After All Read Count : 16

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He looked into her eyes and see all her pain. He saw everything and yet he still loved her like no tomorrow. She couldn't understand him fully maybe that what drove her to him. He was different she thought. She was beautiful he knew snice day one he wanted to marry her. She was a soldier but she was still human. He was a warrior and even when he grew tired he never showed it. He was her rock and she was his humanity. She kept him form blowing up and he kept her from falling apart. Together they where hole. They loved each other like no tomorrow.

~Charles Rose 


  • Amazing

    Mar 09, 2019

  • Mar 09, 2019

  • I'd like this

    Mar 09, 2019

  • Mar 09, 2019

  • Mar 09, 2019

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  • Mar 11, 2019

  • this is something i can relate to.

    Mar 11, 2019

  • you never cease to amaze.

    Mar 12, 2019

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