A Girl That Was Kidnapped. Read Count : 5

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Once upon a time there  was a little girl who  was kidnapped and her mother  didn't know about her and what happend to her that she wasn't in home early. And when she didn't came to her home  her mom only  she do  is cry  all day and Night .And then  the police  call her and said  that her daughter was kidnapped. Her  mother say no!no!no!no! And then  she said mi daughter  can't  be kidnapped.  And then she crys  and que didn't enero all day untill  the police call her and tell her that  her daughter was found. But the kidnapper  was two  boys  that   force  her to do was something that  she didn't want to do  Because that was very  bad  then . One day  the mens  force her and then the mans  were  mad at her that the mens  hurt her and then the mens gave  a water  cup with a  medicacion  pill to sleep  and then she fell asleep  then they  did what they wanted  to have with her and then the girl woke  Up and they  saw the mens doing what que didn't to do .

The end.

By:Yari González

Date: 3-8-19


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