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In a small sleepy town, down a old cobblestone road, in the middle of an park, covered by the light of the moon, there was an fountain of ordinary proportions and of no special upbringing.

Every night an old man came to this fountain, he would sit at the old creaky wooden bench and stir in his thoughts.

One day his routine was interrupted, by a young boy who was sobbing loudly at the fountain.

The old man curious to this asked in a prompt Manor "what's the matter son?".

The boy looked up and sniffled drying tears and said in a low tone "My mama passed..I loved her so much and I couldn't do anything to save her." 

The old man, looked saddened by this news. 

But gently putting a hand on the boys shoulder and said, 

"well son... I'll tell you that this won't be the last passing in your life and if it's the first there's more to come, but with or without these people we move on, it will happen to us someday too one day our time will come, some sooner then others, and all though painful, life moves on..".

The old man the put his hand on the fountain hose blocking the water and stopping it.. then let his thumb go and the water kept flowing once more, he then told the boy 

"Just like the fountain, my thumb can jam it up, but I'm going to get tired of holding it there and the fountain will keep flowin', and son that's what you need to do".

The young boy understood... And had stopped his tears, and then and there after the young boy came every night to the fountain to greet the old man to receive wisdom, even long after he stopped coming.


  • Really good story.

    Mar 08, 2019

  • Mar 08, 2019

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