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   Ohh! Mother tell me

If my tears dried up for falling down,

how can I justify my love for you

   Ohh! Mother tell me 

how can I make sure them 

that the stone under my chest 

now beats with every inch of ache

   Ohh! Mother tell me

What should I do

When sleep never come in my 

thirsty eyes

Ear pleads for your scolding tats 

When lips cry to calling your name,

Body shivering with pain.

    Ohh! Mother tell me

Where should I hide myself

From those sympathize eyes 

Which hurting,teasing me everytime

    Ohh! Mother tell me

How can I assured the feeling of

 that half loved I have, 

which are empty now left

the ache of missing you 

when you were here,

And the sum up of burden 

that now you are not anywhere!

   Ohh! Mother tell me

How can I called myself!

I'm a child whose mother are not alive!

Whoes asthetic now drained up

Whoes night and day becomes numb

Whoes mind becomes a 

crane of thoughts;

Whoes soul is in rush 

    Ohh! Mother tell me

What should I do with 

Memories you left here,

the blanket with smell of yours

that scraf,those countless talks 


with those Infinity wars!

  Ohh! Mother 

I never told you I love you

You never told me! even,

You loved me

But I hate you why you wouldn't did

And I'm grateful now, you never did

    Ohh! Mother tell me

How can I make them believe 

that I stay in your womb

For fourteen months

And that was the only thing 

I have to proud of!

    Ohh! Mother explain them 

that us bond are untamed 

Without any named!

   Ohh! Mother tell them

   Ohh! Mother tell me

Where are you now 

   Ohh! Mother 

give me your address

I want peaceful sleep in your arms

   Ohh! Mother tell them

tears are not prove 

the love I have for you; 

the sob of my heart for you

   Ohh! Mother tell me

How can I live without you,

   Ohh! Mother tell me

   Ohh! Mother....

   Tell me!!...




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  • Mar 08, 2019

  • Mar 08, 2019

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