The Other Side Of Life(The Dark-side Of The Moon)3/7/19 Read Count : 15

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I have been betrayed 
I have lost a son 
My body’s falling apart
But my life is not yet done

These words may seem confusing
They sound so sad and ominous 
But I’m not close to loosing
My life is quite harmonious 

I do not mean to say 
That l’m walking on a cloud
But I found another way 
To be positive and proud 

I still do have my days
When iI feel the whole thing sucks
Having gone thru painful ways 
I’ve overcome with luck

That luck was in the form
Of meeting people wise
When my heart was badly torn
Feeling I could not survive

They taught me how to deal
With a parent’s worst nightmare 
The pain was all too real
They revealed the right way 

That grieving is a process 
That always takes some time
It’s not a quick -fix success 
It’s a long  pain -healing climb

For me and other parents  
Releasing built up pain 
Was writing down our feelings 
As we tried see some gain 

Another part of healing
Which offers a release
Is talking out your feelings 
Can lead to find some peace

I still have  bad days
That’s to be expected 
But the keys to fighting haze
Has let me be protected 

This can work for others 
In tough

 life situations
But there must be strong desire 
To find the motivation 

I’ve got a loving family 
A blessing to be sure
My brain is still working 
Though my body needs a cure

I am a true survivor 
Of life’s great ups and downs 
I’ve  learned thru brutal pathways
To overcome life’s frown

In closing let me echo
What was taught to me
We all deserve life’s quality
Find it to be free

“Keep Writing 🦋Never Give Up”


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