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You should never fear death, why because it is almost like this.

A little girl named life and a little boy named death, are in a playground having fun on a tetertoter. Or whatever they are called, and if they stop playing the world will stop. But really if you were about to die and all you can think about is how you died. Man they are all going to think I am pathetic from dying from a stupid car. And I haven't taken my friends to go see the Arora or anything like going to the Grand Canyon, or going on an airplane and see the whole world I have so much to live for. But really life is a string a really really long string, and only a little red part of it is your life.

We will all die soon, there is nothing to prevent it all from happening at all. It happens so don't be scared of it be happy, and be greatful for what you've done in your life.🤓


  • Very true. Enjoy each day like if it were your last.

    Mar 07, 2019

  • Mar 07, 2019

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