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   They were sitting there on a rainy day, both on thier phones. She way playing a game and he was endlessly scrolling social media. He was looking over at her in her pjs and his mind started to turn. Yearning for her. But she was busy trying to pass a level. He looked at her bare feet and leaned down and started to rub them softly. She smiled and let out a small ahhh. He had an idea. It had been a while since he had touched her all over and now that was all he could think about. He told her that he was going to get up and take a shower and she said she would be in soon as she passed the level on her game. 

   He got up semi hard and walked into the bedroom where his shower was. Turned on the hot water and stepped in. He washed his hair, beard, and body then thought he better shave his downstairs area. He put a dab of soap in his hand and began to lather up his cock and balls. Grabbed the razor and began to shave. Ass he moved his cock around shaving all he could think about was touching her all over, his cock began to harden and he started uncontrollably gently stroking it back and forth from the head down and up the shaft. After a few minutes he stopped because he was about to cum. He heard the bedroom door open so finished rinsing the soap out of his hair. She opened the shower door and stepped in looking at his still hard cock. She didnt say anything pretending not to see it. He started to step out of the shower and she asked "aww you're already done?" He said "yeah". She said "ok, I'll be out in a few". He smiled and started crying off. He could see her naked image through the frosted glass shower doors. 


   He was now dried off and he grabbed a towel and set it on the bed, he had a surprise for her. A few minutes passed and the shower stopped and she started drying off. She walked around the corner and saw him standing there and smiled. He looked back at her and smiled back and said, "are you ready for your massage?" She got all excited and said with a big smile, "yes, please!".

   The two were in thier mid 40s and had been married for 14 years. He was 5'5 and had black hair, blue eyes and a graying beard. He was average size with a little belly. His cock was about 6 inches but got hard as a rock. She was about 5'5 and had medium curly reddish brown hair, brown eyes and a smile to die for. She was chubby, had a thick plump ass nice medium size breasts with big hard nipples. She was so attractive to him and always turned him on.

   He pointed down at the blanket and asked to lay down. She layed down on her belly and he wrapped a scarf over her eyes and around her head blind folding her. He then walked around to her feet and poured a bit of warm oil into his hand and started to softly rub her feet. He looked down at her naked body laying there, the back of her legs, her thick ass with just a peak of her pussy showing from the back. He continued to be rock hard. His cock throbbing and bouncing up and down uncontrollably. He finished with her feet and started on each calf slowly massaging and working in the oil. Then worked up to her thighs and hip rubbing and rubbing. Her skin felt so good and soft. He then walked around to where her head lyed and began massaging her shoulders and back. He spent about 10 minutes on her back because that was her favorite part. After finishing her back he walked to the side of her and poured the warm oil on her ass and watched the oil run down her ass crack to where her pussy is. He began massaging her ass and ass he moved his hands around her ass cheeks would spread giving a peak at her asshole and slightly swollen pussy. He could smell her sent from her pussy which told him that she was turned on. He ran his hand between her ass cheeks slowly but firmly grazing over her asshole and down between her pussy lips. Her pussy was soaking wet, and very hot. It felt so good on his hand. As he rubbed she let out small sighs of pleasure and her hips began to moved up and down. He took his middle finger and started slowly inserting it into her pussy and putting pressure on her clit. Then moved his hand up and started massaging her asshole with his middle finger around and around, his hips were really moving now. He then slowly inserted his middle finger just a little bit inside her asshole. She was about to orgasm and he could tell. So he stopped and asked her to roll over on her back. As she lay there on her back she was breathing a little heavier now. She laid there and he looked at her, her legs, hips, pussy and tits exposed her nipples were rock hard and so was his cock. He had a little bit of precum dripping out of his cock caused by all the excitement. He began massaging again at her feet. And up the front of her legs to her hips, moved to the side and massaged her belly. He then moved to where her head was and started massaging her chest and tits feeling her hard nipples in his hands, she was now moaning as he continued to massage her tits. She reached up with her hand and grabbed his hard cock and began squeezing and rubbing it at the same time he was rubbing her tits and nipples. Her hand felt so good on his throbbing cock but he had to pull away or he was going to cum. He moved back down and and raised he legs up and started to massage her pussy with his hand, she was so wet and sticky down there, she almost instantly orgasmed, he removed his hand as she was moaning and shaking a little bit from the orgasm. He looked down at her swollen spread pussy and though he had to just have a taste. He went down between her legs and started eating her pussy and sucking on her erect clit, she tasted so amazing. Her hips were moving up and down pushing against his face as she began to orgasm again. He raised his head up, his cock was really throbbing now and he needed her so bad. H was above here and slowly inserted his cock in her hot wet pussy. She was so wet its slid in with ease. Her pussy felt so good around his cock. He kept thrusting slowly in and out of her both of them moaning now. He could take it much longe and was about to cum. He couldn't hold it anymore. He let out a moan deep inside her and began to cum, as his cock throbbed and spurted inside her she orgasmed at the same time. Satisfaction. He rolled off her and undid the blindfold and they laid there together just looking at each other smiling. Was a good morning.


  • Mar 05, 2019

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