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From the past many articles I am trying to say one simple thing that SATAN is neither God nor diety nor is he man made and he isn't of this planet alone and he holds access to many other planets and earth is one of the planet which also comes under his control. 

1. People have always mistaken the concept of SATAN and is always represented him with cheap animals, devil's and other shit things. If humans have originally created SATAN then why no one is clearer as how he looks like. Normally we humans never associate ourselves with ugly things and about SATAN, he definitely is always the most handsome and beautiful person of all times. Not only this planet but let it be any planet he goes anywhere anytime as he wishes.

2. He is a complete different person and is someone who is beyond our reach but if we can reach him or succeed in contacting him definitely the earth would restore back to normality and in my 25 yrs of experience I have learnt that he is not like us and doesn't select anyone just like that but if you succeed in obtaining his access it is really a greatest achievement in the history of mankind. My experiment says that he holds the highest authority given by ALMIGHTY GOD to guard the universe and that is the reason it is still a mystery that whether now he is on earth or on which planet or which part of the universe.

3. We has a human can't do anything for this planet but somewhere each one of us have this desire that we can do something. The earth though externally looks stronger internally it is dying as time is passing and this it is showing that  through the form of gigantic cracks formed worldwide some in deep jungles and some others in oceans and few in deserts when the earth no longer has the strength to bind it self the earth would no longer exist and would burst into pieces.

4. Though scientists say that the earth can go for another 10 more billion lightyears, it has no proof to support it. If the earth hits the 7th mass extinction this time, the conditions would be worser than the END PERMIAN period where about 96% of species got destroyed. Instead of constructing churches and praying SATAN why don't we try to recognise him because if he fails to reach our planet within the prescribed time limit it wouldn't take much time for the earth to get converted into a graveyard. 

5. Making fun of something is good till nothing serious happens, when each one of us struggle the same way as during wartimes to get even a kg of food to feed our family and the food being dropped from the helicopter for people just for beggars at the time of floods and other natural calamities and each one of us fighting for a pack of food like dogs aren't good sight. It is we who need to think all this because it is our life and what government officials will do they will first safeguard their families and relatives and rich persons use their influence but what will we do? 

We need to find out a solution before matters worsen what all appears externally is not a truth, we have somethings hidden in it. The cellphones and all the gadgets, vehicles everything has its own secrets and codes in the earth. We humans don't have much idea of what is going on around. We are just humans and nothing else. That's why I NEVER CONSIDER A SATAN AS MAN MADE or any god or diety  BECAUSE IF HE IS ALSO MAN MADE THEN WE SHOULD FORGET OUR HOPES OF SURVIVAL ON THIS PLANET. ALL THE DIETIES, MAN MADE gods, SYMBOLS AND SO ON WON'T HELP US DURING THAT MASS EXTINCTION, IT WILL COME AND FINISHES EVERYTHING IN SECONDS AND WILL VANISH LEAVING THIS PLANET AS A GRAVEYARD FIT FOR NOTHING. If you still have doubts go and search mass extinction in Google and you will know its powers and this time no scientist is able to predict the right time of its arrival. By that time if SATAN arrives it is a boon

It should be noted that SATAN is like a nickname given by me as I don't know his real name. So this SATAN hasn't got anything to do with the Satan discovered by humans nor any religion, he is my superhero much powerful, forceful and very innocent in his character to name a few. Of course there is no match between A ORIGINAL SATAN and a man made because ORIGINAL IS ALWAYS ORIGINAL AND DUPLICATES CAN'T REPLACE ORIGINALS. 


  • He's man made

    Mar 04, 2019

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