The Best Parting Read Count : 3

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure

Early morning and I'm waiting here. I'm drowsy as I stare into these white light bulbs in the ceiling. My little brother, fast asleep in the chair to my right. My mom sat to my left. And I could see a lot of feelings on her face. Excitement.. tension.. Confusion.. Anger.. Her face reveales to me a combo of all these.. She wasn't looking at me. Maybe she was still angry at me. Idk. Its fine. Maybe it's best to remain silent now, let's be quiet. Sleepless and exhausted, nothing, not even this waiting is bothering me at this moment. Or..  maybe these lights are..  Why is it all so bright and lighted here.?  The sound of the announcement we waited for woke me up. It was boarding time. Dad was here, standing in front of me. I think I dozed off, without even knowing. Wow. Gawd am I that exhausted?  I guess  I am.


  • Mar 03, 2019

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