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You know, there’s some days where I want to tell him everything... scream at him for causing this, because it’s his fault, isn’t it? Maybe it’s more of mine, but it feels like it’s his. I want to tell him every little thought and  emotion that goes on inside my head, because he would want to know that, right? We’ll end up telling each other everything eventually. But then, there’s somedays where I don’t think that’s such a good idea, because what if he doesn’t know what to do with it.  Poof... there goes our three years of friendship. The last three years gone. All because of a few short sentences, could change everything. Maybe for the better, but most likely for the worst. I can never tell with him either, some days there’s something there, others there’s nothing other than a close friendship. Maybe he knows, or not, I’m not sure. It makes me so mad sometimes that he doesn’t have a clue, can’t take a small hint and is oblivious to everything. I wish he would ask her already, and stop dragging it out for so long so I could get an answer or have some idea of how she feels. I’m terrified that she’s going to say yes (out of pity or because she has to) then end up developing feelings for him sometime down the road... (Maybe it’s a few years from now, maybe it’s during prom, I don’t know). They’re going to date and everything is going to go how he had planned it to go. Then I’m going to be regretting it, because I stayed silent and didn’t tell him (too is mixed feelings and emotions). 


  • Mar 04, 2019

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