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SATAN is not anyone's creature but ALMIGHTY GOD'S greatest achievement. It is because of SATAN that still this planet exist. It is his presence that stops many accidents on space. If SATAN wouldn't have existed the earth would have lost it's identity long back. Remember the earth has already survived more than 6 major mass extinction and is still alive only because of the great mighty SATAN. NO MAN, NO ANGEL NOR NO FORCES COLLECTIVELY COULD HAVE UNDERSTOOD THE REALITY OF A SATAN NOR COULD UNDERSTAND HIS EXISTENCE BECAUSE HE COMES NEXT ONLY TO ALMIGHTY GOD. So never assume SATAN TO BE MAN CREATED.

1. Anything created by man is like a bubble on the water and is temporary. Only GOD'S Creation is permanent and stands along with the terrible onslaught of time. If man himself isn't permanent and begots someone to carry his legacy how can he create a SATAN. 

2. SATAN is the senior most and the only oldest power of ALMIGHTY GOD on this planet. We humans have survived because he liked humans and wanted us to survive or else the history of humans would have end at the time of great flood itself. NOAH was an ordinary man but how could he feel GOD and understand HIM. Was he so intelligent and how did he make out that it was the voice of ALMIGHTY GOD? Why he could have also mistook it as a voice of devil also and could have stayed calm, how come a person who didn't see nor know anything about GOD all of once accepted it as GOD'S voice and started preaching the great flood. From where did he get that courage. 

3. if today anyone would SAY, for instance let it be me, if I, SATANOPEDIALOGY, Say I AM THE SAME NOAH AND GOD HAS SENT ME TO PROTECT YOU PEOPLE, SO BELIEVE MY WORDS. What would you peoples say, wouldn't you all call me MAD. So the belief in you will come automatically when he or she is spiritual and has ALMIGHTY GOD'S grace and his or her thoughts attract you towards them. You yourself won't have answers to this mystic happenings, it doesn't need anyone's attractive words nor hypnotism to succeed. That thought should come from your internal heart.

4. If people have knowledge about the past times of our planet we should accept that along with humans we also had monsters, gaints, titans and many powerful forces. At that time we humans were their food Though many would say it is imaginary and no such things existed still they can't deny the fact that beasts didn't exist. Even nowadays few tribal peoples hunt and eat humans. If mighty SATAN wouldn't have slayed those mighty gaints and monsters where would have we humans survived. We have lots of proof to prove that even dogs sometimes turn beasts and attack humans beyond imagination. The survived victim wouldn't believe that a dog can sometimes become so wild. SATAN is like a mighty ocean if you dive in you can't come out alive. For understanding a SATAN you should surrender yourselves to his will but the question is WHERE IS HE? AND HOW CAN I SURRENDER TO HIM? If humans don't have answers for this how can they create him.

5. I am no expert in SATAN nor know anything about him but still I derive knowledge to write something known to me denied by bible and not written by anyone anywhere. I am even not an expert in ENGLISH language still I write about SATAN, Why? and for what? I don't follow any religion nor interested in anything still I am interested in SATAN, what should be the reason behind this? Can I accept he wants to say something to the world through me? and if I say like this doesn't it sounds odd and stupidly.

Not all the things are done for popularity, they are somethings which are beyond our reach, if we know everything then why we can't say what were we before taking human birth and what we would be after finishing this human life. Few things are good to be mysterious and gaining mastery on them would prove a curse rather than a boon. Iike this as a human we can create machines but can't create GOD. What humans feel as gods, I don't know much about them because it looks like themselves. SATAN is not man made because if man has created SATAN he should have the capability to make SATAN work according to their orders. DOES ANY HUMAN OR MAN MADE gods HAVE THE POWER TO EVEN SHAKE A INCH OF SATAN. 

If you can, try it out. I accept defeat because I DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT SATAN. 


  • Jay aLLeVi8eD

    Jay ALLeVi8eD


    Mar 03, 2019

  • there is a saying that there is no satan in hell cuz all the sayan are in the world as in form of bad people. btw. are you Muslim or Christian

    Mar 11, 2019

  • ALL deities are man made

    Mar 03, 2019

  • Mar 03, 2019

  • Brilliant and superb

    Mar 04, 2019

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