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All this days I was eagerly awaiting to finish off this great article of mine. A greatest milestone in the history of SATAN. The story that inspired me to write this article is a movie named I AM A LEGEND

1. Actually while watching this movie I experienced a unknown vibe of some sort which I can't explain. In the movie it starts with a interview in which a doctor announces that she has discovered the cure for a virus that has attacked the new York City and after 3 years it shows that the whole city has no one left and just only one man with his dog is alive. It shows he is alive from the past 5 to 10 yrs all alone leading a life of misery and sorrow with his only pet and afterwards he even loses his pet and finally decides to end his life and finds a lady saving him. By that time he had already become mad and isn't able to understand whether the and her son were true humans or not and in the end as all of us are aware he dies fighting against those infected persons thereby saving the lady and her son. But before dying he hands over the vaccine he has discovered for the viruse. Because of his act the world recognises him as a legend.

2. When I watched the movie I understood that this movie resembled the story of legendary SATAN not only we humans but all the animals have this problem we feel happy if we are in touch with our friends and family members but if we are separated from them and then asked to lead a lonely life it really becomes impossible. 

3. But my hero SATAN has done this and has successfully passed this phase without getting distracted nor having any lag in his life. Whether he is GOD blessed or not is secondary but he has passed this life style not for 10 or 100 or even 1000 yrs but many millions of yrs. HE IS INDEED A TRUE LEGEND. 

4.  The hero in the movie just after leading few odd yrs feels like dying but SATAN after completing millions still doesn't show the nature of fading in his attitude. People can say HE IS A SATAN SO ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE but still he is also like us and how much loneliness he would have undergone in his lifetime. So I thought it is the right time to remember that dare devilish act of his not only staying alone but during this time how he faced that vicious poison and even after drinking it how come he is alive till now and how he further BROKE THE BARRIER OF LONELINESS BY MAKING ALL THE CREATURES TO LOVE AND INCREASE ITS NUMBERS AND BUILD ITS OWN COMMUNITY and today how after so much long term of isolated yrs HE ONCE AGAIN IS SHOWING INTEREST IN THE PROLIFERATION OF THIS PLANET. 

5. So from my point of view this person is surely A KING OF ALL THE LEGENDS ON THIS PLANET EARTH and not only in the past but even in the present and future THERE IS NO ONE WHO CAN EQUAL THE MIGHTY SATAN IN HIS IMPOSSIBLE TASKS. It takes a dare devilish guts to do something of this type and it shows how strong was the SATAN BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY because he wouldn't have surrendered in front of mighty titans, devils, ghosts and other wild creatures but instead would have slayed all of them, so it is no wonder for me if HE IS CALLED THE LORD OF DARKNESS Because only he has the powers to stay happy even in the darker most environment and to make it perfect along with the passing time. 

Truly he is the only legend GOD has ever created in the whole universe. 


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  • Mar 02, 2019

  • Great achievement

    Mar 02, 2019

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    Jay ALLeVi8eD

    Satan was created by man.

    Mar 03, 2019

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