WereWolves Love ♡ (preview) Read Count : 5

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Fantasy

"No..." Her heart almost stopped ,avoided dealing with the pain ...quit ,due to the words she just heard. It wasn't suprising her surroundings didn't bother her , they never did ...until she knew...

Allison , young girl living an ordinary life not a thing to worry about , right? Or at least she thought so ,she never quite knew why her biological parents left her in the middle of the woods . But she wasn't troubled very long.

Hi there so 

this is just a little preveiw of a 

book I will soon be writing.

If you liked the description 

and would like to carry on reading 

I would suggest you check It out and tell me what you think!

Please don't hesitate to comment a question or improvments I can make.


From- ♡Angi.Writes♡


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