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"Greetings, what makes You come in?" tall man in his 30's did ask this deep question from the curious but not that laid-back teenager guy.

"Come to sit down and enjoy about the cup of coffee with me, so we can continue the chit-chat why should you be the co-worker." 

Teenager guy did watch his black suited interviewer's smirking and questioning face with these basic imperial body language posings. Something was weird and reversed with this interviewer and young teen guy smiled back with prepared thoughts inside his back of the head, with the unobtrusive look on his eyes. "Thanks, I drunk the coffee already before I traveled here by bus", he did answer courtly to the man who were getting ready to the tent where he could to get evidence about the proficiency of the young job-hunter.

"You get 30 seconds to prove me that why should we employee you. What makes you good worker"

"Telemarketers' work is very underrated, so I think we should to ask customers' feedback how should we be more bestselling, without making customers to get traumatized experience of the workers. Humor and the knowledge about the stuff what you are trying to sell are the key why should customer buy it and respect the marketer. Aggressive marketer is never good experience for anyone and is scaring people to avoid products."

"Sorry, this idea is against our marketing, we must be aggressive marketers if we want to get paid. Let me go to meet my superior, you can hold on about 15 minutes". 

Teenager guy is waiting that 15 minutes and his thoughts are keeping his awake. Something is wrong. He's feelings are mixed, because he got invite to the office way too easily. And the boss is not even sure he's exactly taking him a deal. Then the boss is coming back with a neutral smile on his face. 

"Me and the superior just chosen that there is too much job-hunters - but you are welcome to buy our products" boss is watching young boy with dollars on his eyes. 

Teenager guy is watching the workers' hall and is rolling his eyes. The boss is the worst actor ever as other businessmen in this world he's ever met. 

┬ęThe story is handling work/labor racism and is based to the real events. 


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