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Hello there , so i have decided to make a little script. This basically is just so u guys get to know me more , then what i have said in my bio. Well first off , i am new here. I have been writing for awhile now , so i know alot of things to get a reader hooked to my stories. I have decided not to choose a category on what i do for my account. This is because i usually do alot of things. I write stories , poems , blogs , diarys. I just love writing in general. I am in 5th grade, and i love it. It is so fun in my school ( i dont mean to brag🙃 ). When i grow up i want to either be a writer , or a scientist. I love anime ( i mean who doesn't am i right? 😂😊). If u watch anime , then here are some animes that i watch , that i recommend for you:

•hunter x hunter 


•yuri on ice 

• aot ( attack on titan)

• tokyo ghoul

• my hero academia 

And yea i have more. I have 2 sisters , and they are so nice 😗. So yea , im not gonna tell where i live , and my age , beacuse i dont wanna give out that info. Maybe later when i feel comfortable  , but not now. I hope u guys at least got to know me better. Im going to start posting stories after this so yea. Cya and bye !😋😊


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Welcome to WO🦋This is the greatest Writing program 🦋I hope you later love it as much as I do 🦋🦋🦋

    Mar 04, 2019

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