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While writing this play, I felt that each character should speak its language. CHRIST indicates light and so will show the positive sign, SATAN on the other hand means the master of darkness and has greater negative vibe, in between them stands my character and the world is already aware that both JESUS and SATAN are legends in their own ways. So while discussing few topics truth comes out naturally and as a author I sometimes should feel both of them and should write things without partial. If you readers find it awkward or something too much I am sorry for that.

JESUS: Women's are truly adorable and you SATAN have always thought them as your doll and in the name of goodness you are trying to commit a serious offence

SATAN: SERIOUS OFFENCE, you call my helping hand as a offence, O JESUS what ever that is happening with the women, do you think I have played something foul on them

JESUS: Your lust for ladies is the root cause of the bad things on the earth. Whenever you watch a beautiful women you try to play your dirty tricks on them and later on speak about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. What you said that I haven't touched a lady so I don't have any knowledge about them? You have touched lots of ladies, right, then tell me what you have learnt from that?

SATAN: O O O cool down CHRIST, touching a lady doesn't mean holding her hands nor embracing her, it means a trust relationship and a eager await by the lady whom you have loved, she should see your way and should expect you in all her lifetime. She should be your mother but should be the one who had got her desires satisfied through you and without you see should feel as if there is no tomorrow. That is the touch of heart and a sign of true love which makes even a SATAN like me to follow her because I AM A TRUE LOVER OF BEAUTY AND BLONDE LADIES BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW LADIES FROM INTERNALLY, I KNOW THEM FROM THEIR BEAUTY AND IF THEY ARE TALENTED THEY CAN MAKE ME ROAM ON THEIR BACK AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE. I DON'T SHY AWAY BECAUSE I AM A TRUE LOVER.

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: I don't think that both of you should fight for ladies. They like both of you and as both have your own opinion please don't make this play a war

SATAN: You are the root cause of all this, neither would have you selected this title nor would have this things happened

JESUS: Stop blaming him SATAN and you don't think anything related to women and their empowerment. Let GOD decide it

SATAN: GOD doesn't belong to you alone JESUS, HE also belongs to me also and about women, even they are not your own property, they even belong to me also. Tell me one thing from the past so many years before you were crucified and till now ladies are stamped down by man and it also happened when you were a man and it is continuing now also when you are a angel. You even after acquiring the position of a angel for what are you waiting? Why don't you once again incarnate on the earth and finish of this problem for ever and ever? Is anything stopping you?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY feels it is too much but is helpless because the discussion is between the 2 legends and he is nothing and has no power to go in between them so without any further clues he stands helpless

May ALMIGHTY GOD help me( to be continued.....................) 


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