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When a relationship ends either by death or design is it truly ended?

In some ways yes but within the scope of human emotions aspects of any relationship can linger for a lifetime 

There are relationships that can exist
through continued communication 
by mutual agreement 
One party can also choose to  communicate without the other 
person responding

In all situations particularly in the case of death a period of adjustment  takes 
place and can last until accceptance is acquired 

In all cases memories and experiences 
remain and can influence future behavior 

Some people find it difficult to accept the reality and live in a state of ongoing
grief which strongly affects their quality of life

Because we are able to remember our experience through thought-momentous and conversations the way we interpret them can influence the direction our life takes

One can choose to live with the memories and  stagnate with the past
Others can use the past as a guide toward their future by exploring other 

Life is a flowing process of ups and downs- If we have build up our
strength and self confidence we can 
weather the storm s of negativity 
and continue to pursue a life with quality and contentment 

Goodbye’s can be a vehicle for life 
enhancement or life stagnation
That path is decided by each of us

But our human emotional make up 
dictates that our experiences never end 
They are with us as long as life itself 


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