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Once there was 89 year old his name was Fred. Fred was taking a walk and a punk kid showed up and knocked Fred's teeth out. Then just from that he died. He turned out to be evil then he was haunting these 3 boys named bob carlos and justin. Those 3 boys were riding bikes near pennypack park. Bob saw Fred's teeth bob said guys stop Carlos said why bob said is that teeth justin said let me see justin hopped off his bike and touched the teeth he was going crazy he chopped down a tree ! Bob said what the heck are you doing justin shaked his head and shaked it and shaked it and shaked it jesus stopped justin carlos said what just happened justin said I literally do not know dead fred said now you will the 3 boys scream dead fred says those teeth make you go crazy but jesus stopped you from going crazy gr jesus says pow follow me bob says oh my goodness to be continued 


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