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This is something old but I thought let me see how old is it for my heroes and what they have to say. The story is completely illusion based and all the characters are author's assumption and readers especially ladies should take it lightly and not serious.

JESUS: It is a nice title and I guess you today have selected a best title for me and I really love to see women's getting empowered more powerfully day by day.

SATAN: This is a major problem with you CHRIST, I accept you have lots of ladies worshipping you but still you are not a complete man.


JESUS: What you mean by that SATAN?

SATAN: Women empowerment means empowering women's OK

JESUS: Yes, so what is the deal there

SATAN: You can empower a woman only when you CAN LOVE WOMENS

JESUS: Now what does that mean? 

SATAN: The whole world knows that you are a bachelor and have died with out loving a single woman

JESUS: So what has it got to do with women empowerment

SATAN: When a man loves a lady he knows WHAT IT IS LIKE MAKING LOVE, Which you definitely don't know

Godopediaology: feels awkward

SATAN: Now this person godopediology will definitely succeed you. Look at him, even after crossing 40 yrs still he hasn't kissed a single lady. What a pity? I don't think you are a LESBIAN, then what makes you stay away from ladies and look at the title WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, What made you select this title logy

Godopediaology: I felt like writing something good but I didn't know that you will talk rubbish like this

SATAN: If this is rubbish then what is the world progressing in nowadays, you think something else is more beautiful than staying close with a beautiful lady

JESUS: ladies are the first and last word that comes to your mind. Don't spoil godopediology, atleast he is little bit good compared to you

SATAN: You have somehow made his life miser without anything happy left in his life and you need to know one thing, how much godopediology belongs to you more I have rights on him. It is time that is keeping him with you but the same time should change and he will become mine in the coming time, at that time I will make him a complete man like me. 

Godopediaology: I won't join you because you are bad and always make every one suffer. I don't care even if I die bachelor like CHRIST but won't spoil ladies life as you have done

SATAN: Now who have brainwashed you. Show me a single lady who can say that I HAVE SPOILED HER LIFE. Ladies don't like persons like CHRIST Because they want to be loved as much as possible, there is no lady on this world who can say I don't want to be loved hard and hard. It is natural and happens according to the puberty, the harmonal play is tough to be resisted and you have missed one part of your precious life but it's OK when I get you on my side I will pay you all the dues with compound interest. 

SATAN: I guess this story is more empowering so I want you to continue it tomorrow. Alright 

Godopediaology looks at CHRIST and nodes SATAN OK



  • Mar 01, 2019

  • 😂. This is too silly.

    Mar 01, 2019

  • women are good people

    Mar 01, 2019

  • At last a good play

    Mar 01, 2019

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