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Though I see you near,

I can't break.

When you reach

I'm not afraid.

The smallest moments in time you stay

The weakest moments of my life you come.

As the tears fades away from my eyes.

I remain un-removed.

As you set in my soul, I remain un-refreshed.

But everything's new within when I see your flashing lights.

As I clothe myself in light

I might have some scrapes but I am healed; even though I'm broken inside.

I'm okay, no scratches, no bruises,

Maybe a little, but time goes by.

I'm protected by the pain, the pain I faced and the heartbreaks I'd endured was my protection.

But as I knew I've been small but great.

I might be last but not a looser.

I might be weak, but within I'm strong 

Because your lights never goes out.

Your lights keeps bringing me joy within.

I can take every hurt that's for me

But my joy and peace will not be removed.

My confidence will never run dry any longer.

Because everything is a test and a journey within itself.

So whatever may come.

Let's go! 🙂❤️🙂👑


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