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So... on like January 2nd I think it was I said I would update the next day and I never did there's two reasons why I didn't update. One of the reasons is because me being the dumb ass I am I lost my phoned when I finally did find it this app stopped working,  I finally got to start working again but it's freezing a lot and stuff I'm not trying to put this app down in any way I really like this app it's mostly just my phone is kind of crap but whatever now for those who are actually interested in the story I'm writing I made an account on Wattpad my account name is food_anime_and_ships  I'm not trying to promote other apps on this one I'm just saying like this app barely works on my phone anymore it really sucks its the second time  it stopped working but then again I do  drop my phone a lot.  like I said I'm not asking you guys to go follow me or anything I'm just saying if you are somehow interest then please by all mean go follow me. This might be a really bad attitude but I could care less if you want to go follow me. Anyways lemme get to the point, first off if your not going to follow me on watpad them you don't need to keep reading..  If you are then please keep reading.  First off I'm going to be writting two stories at once,  the first one is a yaio one and the second one it the one you know..  I haven't started writing "Forbidden" on watpad yet but remember when I do start again I'm going to have to start from the beginning I'll make an announcement when it's the chapter I left off on on this app.  If I can get this app to start working full time I will start using this app again..  Thank you for your time. 


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