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I am no expert when compared to my friend, satanopediaology in writing about Satan, but the term ARCHANGELS caught my vision. It is a very common term for many people and even a child can say that ARCHANGELS ARE THE CHIEF OF ANGELS AND USUALLY HOLD HIGHER RANKS AND ARE CREATED BY ALMIGHTY GOD TO GUARD PLANET EARTH'S 8 DIVISIONS (NORTH EAST WEST SOUTH, North East, North West, South East and South West).

Once again the most confusing thing that made me to think many times is the characters of ARCHANGELS. All this days I heard that lucifer, as a angel who stood against GOD ALMIGHTY But now I am getting one more character into picture by name Samuel, which is little confusing. 

Both lucifer and Samuel sound the same but lucifer looks like a good guy as well as more powerful when compared to Samuel. 

The only thing I couldn't find out is the fight between lucifer and Samuel. Both sound similar but how they differ is ONE DOESN'T PUT TOO MUCH OF EFFORT WHEREAS OTHER EVEN AFTER PUTTING HIS ENTIRE STRENGTH COULDN'T ACQUIRE WHAT THE LATTER HAS ACHIEVED.

One more confusion starts with the lady lilith. I don't know if both lucifer and Samuel are satans then how is it possible for her to go to a little lower ranked Samuel than lucifer and if I haven't mistaken lucifer is more beautiful than Samuel then how come she choose Samuel instead of lucifer.

Finally after referring all the stories it sounds Samuel is a imaginary concept and finds no reference in Bible but in some ancient taimudic and pro taimudic scripts. Lots of stories and fantasy just like other religions but still I somehow feel both Samuel and lucifer are the same.

Anyhow as I said I am no expert, if you ask me to write about ALMIGHTY GOD I will write as much as possible but if asked about angels, man-made idols, gods and so on, I get terribly confused. 

The only question that I have in my mind is HOLY TRINITY. Every one say it is ALMIGHTY GOD, HIS SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.

But who is the GOD SON and who is the HOLY SPIRIT? Still needs clarification because my writings say that ALMIGHTY GOD doesn't come in the circle of HOLY TRINITY because I feel this matter should be clarified and I will come soon with my very OWN TRINITY THEORY.

MAY GOD BLESS ME AND ALL OF YOU but as I write theories according to my knowledge, mistakes will definitely happen and that mistake will become the core of my writing and yes as I have said NO ONE IS PERFECT LEAVING ALMIGHTY GOD, So there is a exception for me. 


  • Samuel is the JEWISH version of Gabrielle Lilith was Adams first wife and Lucifer and Samuel are not equals. That's where my religion comes in

    Jan 30, 2019

  • I will break the truth my friend.

    Jan 30, 2019

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