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As I walk with Him, he shows me his creations on the field,

As I enjoy his time yet I still feel unworthy but my inner most thoughts he sees deeply,

I tell him everyday that I'm not perfect,

That I'm not always pleasing but still He keeps showing me beauty in the fields, though he lets me know that the field is trashy with some garbage but at the same time it's still so beautiful,

So maybe to remind me; even though you may have some flaws or some taint in your soul, doesn't mean that he'll throw me away, it just means that his love is greater and deeper than I imagine, even though I'm a mess,

I'm always loved,

Even though times who I don't like what I see in mirrors, he tells me that I'm always his, and he is mines,

So when I tell you coming home with him and leaving with him is the best prize. 

He is the best thing that ever happened to me and He's the realest and the best I ever needed in my life,

He's a true best friend,

My big brother,

My everything is in him.

All my hopes, my dreams, my wishes is always going to be in Him.

So coming home with the Spirit; I come home and rest.

Coming home with the Spirit; I'm not afraid of danger when it's all around me, though I do fear sometimes and worry I just believe that He's there, even though I can't see,

I know too much about my best friend;

He's close to me and He's close to you.

Even when times are bad and seems too hard for me to even stand the days why can't I just ask him to guide me through the nights that terrify me deep within, I just hang on tightly and squeeze on to him like a sister or brother gripping tightly on to the eldest one, I grip tightly coming home with the Spirit behind me, beside me, on my left and on my right, in front and up, down and in between, he never goes away.

I'm in love with him everyday and everytime I turn around. We speak to each other in a secret place, 

Even as I lay I'm in love,

He takes away all my hurts, all my sorrows, all that bothers me, he makes them light, He gives me new strength when I need to faint when I'm feeling weary, He tells me I'm the field. Even though I'm not perfect, 

He still says he wants me in his life, and I want him in mines.

So coming home with Him is all I need to be truly happy with me,

Though everything is fake; artificial everything,

He lets me know he's the realest and inspires me to be the realest too.

He encourages me even when I fall,

He adores me as his own

And I believe him with all my heart,

He's my mother,

He's my father,

He's my sister,

And he's definitely my big brother, and I'm his tiny brother.

My big brother takes good care of me and I bet your big brother takes good care of you too.

So as you come home with him

Tell me your story about him. ❤️🙂❤️💗 


  • Home is a place to be safe and a place to be love. This writing got to me.

    Jan 29, 2019

  • Beautiful

    Jan 30, 2019

  • Marilyn Alidou

    Marilyn Alidou


    Jan 30, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Great images🦋great poem🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Jan 30, 2019

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