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I had a most peculiar dream last night. While most of the dream has been forgotten, I recall walking into a restaurant. It felt familiar, and I made my way over to a shabby looking upright piano, where I sat down and proceeded to play. (It was peculiar because I am not a pianist and to be honest, the last time I played the piano was when I was in my teens.) Anyway, I remember making a few mistakes here and there, but anytime I looked up, no one seemed to acknowledge that I was even playing at all, so I continued playing. I practiced what felt like about a half hour, then as I got up to gather my belongings and leave, I heard applause around me. It took a moment to register that they were clapping for me, and as I looked around they were standing and smiling for me. I hadn't played my best, I was just playing casually, and yet it had been appreciated nonetheless. 

When I woke up from that peculiar dream, it got me thinking about writing, being a writer on Writer's Outlet, and the few writings I had seen on the app in regards to the "not very encouraging" read counts. I feel as though we all can go through the writing journey on this app  feeling unnoticed, unappreciated and invisible because of the number of read counts that we see on our writings. These numbers can dampen our spirit IF we allow them to get to us. Seeing a low number of read counts can be discouraging and we would begin to second guess ourselves. We may sense that because we aren't perfect just yet, that somehow we aren't good enough for others to take notice or appreciate our contributions, when in truth it's often our daily efforts to keep writing that others will see. 

We don't need to be a perfect writer who writes the perfect topics perfectly. It's not vital to get every note right as we play the songs of our lives, just that we keep on going during the performance. It may surprise you who was listening, who was watching, and who stands to offer you applause in the end. Even if in the moment you aren't taking notice, there are others who will see your value in all that you do. 

If no one else is clapping for you in this moment, allow me to stand up and be the first. You're making a difference, each and every day. It may not be earth-shattering, but it matters to all those around you on this app. We each write our own stories, in our own ways, and our voices are heard all around. I hope that of all people, you yourself take time to see your own value.


  • No one is perfect. This writting spoke to me.

    Jan 29, 2019

  • Awesome points in this article and also the read counts are not necessarily a reflection of the amount of reads since it doesn't register web reads and also guest readers without an account.

    Jan 29, 2019

  • Yes. We don't need stars to show us that we all shine bright in our own way. Thank you.

    Jan 29, 2019

  • it's remarkable...😍💥

    Jan 30, 2019

  • Jan 30, 2019

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