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To my family and friend's:


     I would like to say thanks because you make my life beatiful.

Because you're the reazon god give me to keep dreaming and i love you!.

Because weathever i go i'll keep your love inside of my heart.

Because i know god send me angels to take care my soul.

Because i love you, like you love me!

Because i can try everyday to be successfull in my life to help you,to be the same.

Because the only obstacle in my life is my fearness that i could do somenthing if i never try to do.

Because one of the reazon to be proud to have a family like you is god.

Because never before fell more positive to do somenthing like right now.

Because i can say thanks lord and not fell fear to sayed.

Because i enjoy to pass time with my friends and family.

Just because....because..because i love!


January 28 2019.


  • nice work

    Jan 29, 2019

  • Jan 29, 2019

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