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Naina was very simple and beautiful girl.She had best friend called Swati.They both study from the nursery class.Naina was used to score around 60%.And now Naina and her was in class 11.Although she lies few times but it was for something good.Naina went to her cousin wedding"Anika".She was drinking a soft drink and her hero was coming from the entrance.As she saw him, she got totally lost in him.😘❤️ She moved forward towards him.And the soft drink has fallen on him.She says sorry... to him.He says it's ok, and by the way my name is Sameer maheshwari and urs.I am Naina Aggarwal.After then Naina was thinking about Sameer and she really wanted to meet Sameer again.Next day, she went to school and told to Swati that she met a boy who name is Sameer and he is so cute 😍. The teacher arrived in the classroom and she introduced herself to the students.Hello students,My name is Shanti and I would taught Maths.So, open chapter-1.


  • Nice story

    Jan 29, 2019

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