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Sitting in their dimly lit living room as they wait for the arrival of their mother and wife. The two talk about nature and its beauty. 

Did it really look that pretty?

It sure did kiddo. It was magnificent and it makes me sad you didn’t see it. 

What happened again Dad? What happened to nature? You said there were pretty trees and flowers. That there were little ponds of water that glistened in the sunlight. What happened when you were younger? 

I wish I knew son. I absolutely loved nature, as does your mother. One day though it just disappeared. In its place, we were left with this grey wasteland that certainly isn’t fit for people. Nobody could figure out where the trees went or the flowers. 

Oh, how longs it been gone? 

It’s been gone for 14 years. Nature disappeared when I was 16. 

I wish I could see it. It sounds beautiful. 

Don’t worry Jace,  I’m sure one day you’ll see it. You’ll see the trees and the flowers. The little ponds of fish. You’ll even see snow as well. 

How are you so sure Dad? 

I’m not, but I have to believe that I myself will see it again. No, you should go upstairs and get some sleep. 

Far away where the creator stands tall he watches the exchange with a wishful eye. 

Hmm Mother, perhaps I’ve judged these humans too quickly. Maybe they aren’t too rough to take care of you. What do you say we give Jace Hannifin a shot? Let’s see just how he handles you, Mother Nature. 

As the clock hits midnights and the floorboards creak. Young Jace stirs startled awake. 

Dad? Wha-who are you? 

Do not worry Jace I’m not here to hurt you. My name is Wyatt Garcia. 

Why are you here then? How’d you get in? 

Jace as I’m sure you’re aware, nature is gone.

Yeah, it’s been gone. 

That’s because I’m the one who stole it. 

You stole it, why? What did nature do to be taken away? 

It wasn’t what nature did kid. It was what they did to nature. Littering, keeping it unkempt, complete disregard to nature. 

So you took nature away from them? 

Yes, I did Jace. I didn’t believe humans deserved Mother Nature if they were just going to treat her badly. 

Then why are you here? 

I’m thinking I may have unfairly judged all of you humans. I’m giving you the chance to restore Nature in the human world. Should you pass my test. 

Test? What kind of test? Is it math because I always fail those. 

No, it’s not a math test. I am taking you to nature’s location with me. You will spend a week in nature. If I see that I can trust you to ensure nature is protected. I will grant the humans their wish for nature to come back. 

Why me though? I’m only 12 years old. 

Jace I see and hear all. You’re parents when younger were very kind to Mother Nature. I have zero doubt that you will be as well. 

What about my parents? They’ll wonder where I am, won’t they? 

Don’t worry Jace I’ll talk to them just like I did you. I’ll be joining you shortly. 

As quickly as the words left Wyatt’s mouth Jace had been transported into a world different from his own. Fields and fields of rosy petals stood tall among the ground he stood. Long and tall trees layered the landscape. Little ponds full of bluefish and perch that shimmered from the sunlight. 

W woah! I it’s Absolutely breathtaking! Dad was right this is magnificent.

Do you like what you see Jace? 

Oh for sure Wyatt, It’s beautiful. Why would anyone treat this place badly? 

Hmm, I knew you’d love this place. Just like your parents, they adore nature. 

What’s that over there? 

Oh, that’s the winter season. 

Where are we anyway Wyatt? 

We're in a different dimension, one without any people. 

Dimension? What's that? 

The world, a different world. Each is made up of the same things, but just one detail sets each apart. 

Your world is the only one with human people on it. 

Really? What about this one? What makes this one different? 

This is the only one the creators can live in. 

The creators? Who are they?

The creators much like their name have each created something using their powers. I created Mother Nature. I wanted something beautiful to replace the grey place that is your home. The creators themselves are going to help prepare your test. First of though before your test begins. We want you to choose one person to bring here with you. Anyone, you want that will do this test with you. 

I can choose anybody I want to? Then I want you to bring Morgan Leroy here. 

Very well. I will bring her here right now. 

A flash of purple and emerald sparked in the sky before Morgan Leroy appeared before them. 

What, where am I? 

H hey Morgan. How are you? 

Hmm uh, Jace! Do you see this! It’s its Nature! 

I know. Isn’t it crazy? 

H how did you find this? 

I didn’t. He brought me here. 

He? Oh uh Hi. 

With a confident smile and pleasant stance, Wyatt answered pleased with Jace’s choice. 

Hello Morgan Leroy. 

How do you know my name? If you’re a creepy stalker I’m a black belt in karate. 

Do not worry Morgan I’m not here to hurt you. 

What am I doing here? What’s Jace doing here? 

I was just telling your friend Jace that I was the one who took nature away. 

Did you take nature away? No way! Why? 

Thought humans didn’t deserve it. I’m not sure whether they do. Jace has to do a test I designed. Then I’ll decide whether to bring Nature back. 

Then why am I here? If Jace has to take the test. 

He was allowed to bring one person here to help him. He has chosen to bring you here. 

Wait. Really? Why’d you invite me, Jace?

I just haven’t seen you in forever. Ever since you had to move away. We’ve grown apart since then. Besides who else would I share this site with? 

It is beautiful Jace. Now I know why you love nature so much. 

Great! Glad you two got to catch up. Now we should begin this test now. 

I welcome you both to the grand stadium. Once you enter through this doorway you’ll be transported into a world full of nature. I will not be there with you. I will be watching to make sure you treat Mother Nature they way I wish. If I see you treat Mother Nature unfairly I will send you back home. Permanently keeping nature here and away from your land.  

There is a campsite provided for you each to rest, and food freshly stocked in sealed bins. 

May you both have fun and enjoy the sights. 

You both may enter the doorway now. 

The doorway solid gold with white heather flowers laced around the edges. A clock in the center of the doorway with the words “Wishes will come true” sat inside it traced in a dark purple. 

As Jace and Morgan entered the doorway. The once silver stadium turned into a world of nature. Trees and flowers sat everywhere and the sun beating down upon the ponds. 

This is so cool Jace! We’re surrounded by nature! I can’t believe it. I thought I was never going to see it.

I know! It’s crazy! It’s so beautiful and simply breathtaking. 

What should we do first? I mean we’re surrounded by nature.

Look over there, Jace. It’s an entire field of flowers. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Picking some flowers? 

Of course! Come on let’s go! 

Haha, I’m going to get more than you! 

No way! That is not happening!

I’ve got 14 Jace! How many have you got? 


What, no way are you winning this! You’re going down Hannifin! 

Back into the silver stadium while Jace and Morgan had a flower picking contest. Wyatt had an interesting conversation of his own. 

Hello Wyatt. Sorry I am late. Has he begun the test? 

Don’t fret it, Andre. You’re not that late anyway. Yes, he has. Doing much better than I thought he would as well. 

That’s is good news. Who’d he bring with him? 

Morgan Leroy. Very close friends it seems. 

Oh yes. Morgan and Jace go way back. 

What do you mean Andre? 

Jace and Morgan met in 3rd grade. The day when you thought Darren White-land had passed your test. 

He didn’t show any signs of wanting to harm nature. I had let nature through to their world for 60 seconds. A simple mistake on my part, I admit. 

Yes well, that day Jace had seen a White Heather flower. Morgan had arrived at the park just as Jace wished to one day see the entire beauty of nature. They’ve been friends ever since. 

Hmm, interesting. Do you believe his wish will come true? 

Hard to tell just yet. It is the meaning behind the White Heather flower. How are the two doing so far? 

They’re doing great. They had a flower picking contest. Morgan won with 33 flowers, and Jace had 31. Then Jace accidentally fell into some mud. So now they’re swimming in the lake. 

Well, I’m really glad it’s going well. Maybe after years of doing this test. These two will be the ones to pass. 

Only time will tell Andre. Only time will tell.

Jace and Morgan after having a wonderful time in the lake splashing at each other. Decided to find their campsite to eat and sleep. 

This is so much fun, Jace! 

Y yeah, it is. It’s really pretty too.

I’m so glad you brought me here!

I missed talking to you, and this is an amazing sight. 

Y yeah, it is. I’m tired I’ll see you tomorrow.

Night Jace. 

The next day had passed and the two basked in the happiness they got from enjoying nature. They went and tried to catch fish with their hands. Them both failing and resulting in falling into the water. They had yet another flower picking contest for Jace to avenge his loss from before. Before they knew it day two was over and they were sleeping until day three. 

Hey Morgan. 

Hi Jace! Do you know what we’re doing today? 

Yeah, I was thinking we could go pick some apples off the trees. 

Ooh, that sounds fun let’s do it. 

Back up in the silver stadium, Wyatt sits with a pleasant smile watching the screen. 

What’s running through your head man? 

They’re going to pass Andre, I know it. I can feel it they are so close. 

It’s only day three Wyatt. They don’t leave for 4 more days. Lots can happen in that amount of time. I mean some people have turned in their last two hours here. 

Nope, these two are different. 

I don’t know about different. They do have a special bond though. 

They’ll pass Andre you’ll see.

Before anyone knew it the 6th day was here and Jace and Morgan only had two days left. They were acing the test with flying colors. They picked apples liked planned. On the 4th day, they had attempted to go fishing with a stick this time. Jace actually catching a fish or two. On the 5th day, they went swimming in the lake. Now they were sitting under a pink tree amazed at the week they’ve had. 

I can’t believe tomorrow’s our last day here. 

I know I almost don’t want to leave. 

Why not Jace? If we pass nature comes with us. We don’t have any reason to stay here? 

I it’s just ugh...I’m not liked at school. Actually, I’m hated at school. Oh no, watch out it’s the kid who likes nature. Stay away he’s a freak. They’ve been doing It constantly I can’t even catch a break without someone yelling nature freak in my ear. 

I’m sorry. I didn’t know that was going on. 

Of course, you didn’t. You had to move away. 

I still could’ve kept in contact with you. I don’t know why I didn’t. You know we have to leave here though.

Yeah, I know, but I wish nothing had to change. I wish we could enjoy nature together just like this. I wish we didn’t have to go to school. I wish you didn’t have to move away again. 

Well,  then maybe we can do something for our second to last day? 

Like what? 

We have surfboards at our campsite. Why don’t we go surfing? Then tomorrow we can just sit and enjoy the view. 

I like that idea. Let’s go. 

For the very last time back at the silver stadium Wyatt and Andre talk. 

Seems you were right Wyatt. Tomorrow’s their last day and the two have seemed to pass with flying colors. 

I’m always right, aren’t I? 

That you are. See you around friend. Someday In the far future I hope. 

Wyatt smiled contently as he watched Jace and Morgan glide through the water with their boards. Both riding the waves in sync. Morgan laughing as Jace falls off his board clashing with the upcoming wave. Morgan dumping a bucket of water on the sleeping Jace. 

For once Wyatt admits “I was wrong just once. The humans do deserve you Mother Nature” 

Then he waited until the last moments of their test came. Which came all too quickly. 

We have just a few more minutes. 

What if you end up back at your home? I’ll never see you again.

I’ll keep in contact Jace. I promise. 

No, Morgan I I uh gosh why is this so hard to say. 

Gulping and silently insulting himself in his head. He comes forth with the thing he could never tell Morgan. 

I love you, Morgan. 

Then the world flashed purple and blue as Morgan and Jace were returned into their world. Nature restored and declaring their feelings with a simple kiss 

They part and Jace smiles with pleasure and happiness. 

I love you too Jace.


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