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Nobody really knows where beauty truly lies, but most of the time we wonder if it's just outside world where true beauty lies, but instead this world really holds nothing promising and peaceful for all of us. We may say that we're free from politician, free from religion, free from slavery, free from things that held us down but truly we're still yet kept in a bondage without even knowing but thinking we're finally free and that we've true beauty. But true genuine beauty is within not out. It's within you because there's a King within all of us... True beauty within you is gentle, perfect and beautiful and full of outstanding power, but with everything you do, you really don't do alone; you may say that you have the best car, the best husband, best wife, good children ect. But truly, your own husband don't holds true happiness not even your children not even family even, but what truly holds a family and everything together is a King that's within you. You may think that your doing everything so perfect on your own but most of us fails to realize that it's only a gentle King that provides, who loves, who believes, who tests, who keeps us. Even though we may be imperfect we can still rely on where the beauty is.❤️


  • Beauty is all around us and most of all inside us all.

    Jan 29, 2019

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