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Belief in ALMIGHTY GOD sounds naive for many. It's neither anyone's fault, actually through out the different phases of life we meet many people and believe them and it turns out foul. Sometimes it turns proliferating and lifts you to great heights. 

ALMIGHTY GOD never suggests anyone to have belief in him or her unless they turn out as trustworthy. If people just close eyes and instead of believing GOD they keep on changing their style of worship like clothes then why to blame GOD for it. 

No one just can't become closer to GOD, It takes time. Just to obtain someone's friendship won't we wait for the right time, approach them and either end up winning or losing them. Ordinary friendship takes so much of time which would vary from seconds to years. It depends, for a good companion you don't have option but have to wait until he or she accepts your proposal. Just because she or he doesn't accept you does that mean it is the end of your life or does that give you the permission to play evil with the person who rejected you.

It depends, GOD tests you. He puts you in test, in each phase of life and sees how you take it? Just rewind your life and recollect all the bad and good moments. In all the bad moments rewind and see what happened?

How much were you humiliated and who embarrassed you the more and what was the reason for that and how you feel now after remembering it?

Have you learnt your mistake and found out what was the real intention behind all those incidents. What made you to do so and what made that other person to down you and how you came out of it? Did it happen within stipulated time period or it took long and all this time who was the one who stood by your side? Has that person stayed by your side till now or else have he changed?

Like this when you keep on remembering those moments you will know that nothing is naive but things had to happen and has to get sorted. 

If bad memories take control on us and makes us its slave, then even the MEDICINE MIGHT BECOME POISON and the trust in GOD would sound naive for many. 

But for me I am don't just believe in everyone but when it is GOD, THEN EVEN IF I AM GIVEN HEAVEN WITHOUT GOD I WOULD PREFER TO STAY IN HELL UNTIL I WOULD GET HIM. 

This life we are leading now is obtained after many births ranging from worms to animals and finally humans and if we please GOD, though our track record is poor and we have failed our chances of getting promoted to angel still we can manage to stay human and do at least one good thing in our life which would bring us closer to that GOD. 

Life is not guaranteed but GOD always gives you the warranty to stay closer to HIM then why waste it. Let's try to renew it by our deeds made to please HIM. 


  • Time is everything. God is there for you even in the horrible times. Stay by god.

    Jan 29, 2019

  • You're VERY naive And "God" DOES tend to force people into belief

    Jan 29, 2019

  • Jan 29, 2019

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