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I'm like Sodom, but not even happy about the fact I'm like Sodom, I have sinned yet again willingly many times; but I really want to go back home again where my whole life began way before my own mother concieved me at birth. But how did it come to be? Sometimes I wonder it was better to be home but sometimes I do wonder if God is thinking of me too? I mean I don't doubt he is, but maybe sometimes I wonder if he's concerned about me? But no doubt that he does, but I ask myself what does he think of me? What is his desires and plans for my life? Every now and then he tells me his secret thoughts towards me every once in awhile but, I just want to know more, I haven't been living exactly right I've been sinning again really, but I wonder when I tried doing right; does he still wants to be with me or is wondering of me? I can imagine that he really does and believe he does but I just want to know what he thinks about me, I know I'm not a perfect person but I'm sure not holy like he is neither but I just wonder, the stuff I've experienced all my life; what was the reason behind it all? What was his plan?...


  • Keep writing. Its amazing!

    Jan 28, 2019

  • great poem

    Jan 29, 2019

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