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Hope is a goal to enhance your soul
It’s something we strive for
It induces us to want more

It is the permanent flame
Hidden deep in our heart 
Or can be can be the bright flame of freedom
The momentum to give us a start 

At times it seems unreachable 
And halts us is in our quest
But  our history is quite teachable 
It’s produced the very best 

When hope dies and we surrender 
Our spirit dies like a burning ember 
we shrink into stagnation  block ourgift of anticipation 

The lesson we need to remember 
When hope is no longer wished
We can relight that  ember
To restore that blessing we missed

           “Never Ever 🦋Give  Up Hope “


  • It's one of the things that keeps me going. Beautifully said.

    Jan 28, 2019

  • Jan 28, 2019

  • Jan 28, 2019

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