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Chapter Eight

She lied. Marnie lied to David about her affair, she said it only happened once, but it happened more than that. His name was Theo, Theodore Patten to be exact, but she called him Theo. Marnie was addicted to him, mainly, the way just his presence would heighten her senses, making her want him in ways she never wanted anyone, not even David.

That first night in the backseat of her car, as they made love, it was his name she called out. She lied to her husband about it, because she loved him. She thought she would break it off over time, but he would call, and she couldn't resist. Every single time his name popped up on her phone she dropped everything and ran to him. Even after she and David started to grow closer, even after they finally made love again, she still ran to Theo.

He was married, and it was safe. It was just sex, at least that's what she told herself. Marnie was beginning to worry that Theo was falling in love with her, and she him. It started with the cuddling after sex. Eventually they started playing the what-if game, like what if we went away together. Then he said, “what if we had a baby?”, and that's when she began to pull away.

Theo was an amazing lover, he knew exactly how to please her. Just the right amount of rough, mixed with the stamina to keep her going until they climaxed together. That's all he was to her, an emotional release, at the end of a long day at work. She knows breaking it off for good will be tough.

David was her person. He had been since the moment they met. He loved her with everything inside him, and she felt so safe with him by her side. But, it was the passion between them that was lacking from their marriage. Spending time with Theo made that abundantly clear.  

Ending it with him was the right thing to do, it just wasn't easy. He would call, and she would blow him off a couple of times. Then one time, something happened at work and she needed to see him. She called to meet him at lunch, “Quickie?”

“Oh, now you have time for me?” So Marnie made up some story as to why she couldn't come last time, but then told him she missed him so much and batted her eyes, and that's all it took.

One time they met at Fat Burger in Studio City, it was the midway point for the both of them, so it worked out well. They were discreet, even though L.A was a big place, it wasn't unheard of to run into people you know.

She pulled up and sat in her car until he got there. As soon as Marnie saw him pull in, she got out and went inside the restaurant and headed back to the restroom. They chose this spot, because for one, the food was good. Second, they had those unisex bathrooms with a door  that locked, and last, it was clean.

Once he saw her go in, he casually followed. Taking his time, allowing anyone who happened to see her go into the  bathroom, to forget she was in there.

He gave a quick double knock, the door opened slowly then she pulled him inside, locking the door behind them. He went straight at her, grabbing her waist and pulling her close. Wrapping her arms around his neck in response, they devoured each other. It had been so long since he last felt her lips on his, he was excited, his pants made that very clear.

Marnie couldn't wait to feel him inside of her, ripping open his pants and pulling him out. He shoved her around and bent her over the sink. Lifting up her skirt, once more, she was his. Even for a brief moment inside a fast food restaurant bathroom, in here, right now, she was his.

Afterward, he went out to order for them while she freshened up. He handed off her order, gently brushing his pinky with hers, they said their goodbye for the last time.

Marnie went back to work like nothing happened and finished out the rest her day. It was that night, when she got home from work, she would find David and Trevor laying in a pool of blood.

She was so sure that it was Theo her took her family away, so she told the police about the affair. Theo was angry at first, but he understood why, she was a mess, and not thinking clearly. Once she figured out that it wasn't him, then they could be together, for real this time, he hoped.

Even after the police corroborated his alibi, Marnie was too far gone to even answer his calls. She sold their home and moved into a tiny condo near Venice Beach. It was here where her first novel was born.

Ashamed of her affair, Marnie has tried to erase that part of her life. It was this reason right here, that she despises the fame that comes along with writing one hell of a story.


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