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One sunny day in the middle of March three young girls named Betty, Alissa, and Lily were walking in the woods on a path when they decided to wander off the path and go deeper into the woods way farther than what their mom says to go. Once they saw two snakes and a bear cub in a tree they decided it would be a good idea to head home. When they got home they ate dinner then went to their rooms to relax from their day of walking in the woods and soon enough they fell asleep. The very next day they woke up early to head out in the woods again to see what they could find. That day there lives changed for the worst, when they saw what they did Lily threw up, sitting right in front of them was a decomposing human body with a shovel in his rotting cold dead hand. Right next to him was a half dug hole with a fully duct taped box with sand covering it a little bit and their where worms all over it which made Betty curious. Although she didn’t touch that box Lily began to feel sick and weak to her stomach which made Betty and Alissa worry about her so they took her home to her mom which was a nurse. Lily’s mom said Lily need to lay down for a bit and should be ready to hang out the next day. So as promised Lily was feeling better and ready to go and see the human body and box because she and the other two girls wanted to know what was in that box. When they got there they were shocked to see only bones left of the rotting corpse and a blood trail leading to who knows were. Betty grabbed the box and opened it to find a game called The Game Of Death and it even had its own warning saying PlAY aT YOuR OWN RisK it confused them but as soon as Betty opened the game Lily started to bleed from her stomach and it scared everyone because no one knew how she started bleeding but when Betty looked for where the bleeding was coming from and Alissa calling 911 Betty found a wound as big as her fist right in Lily's stomach Betty could have put her fist into Lily’s stomach. Lily started coughing up blood in huge portions all over the ground, Betty and herself, she was holding onto Betty’s shirt with a tight grip and said to tell her mom she loved her and to tell her other friends she loved them just as much. She started to coughing up even more blood than she did before she also kept asking for them to end it but they couldn’t do that to their best friend. Soon Lily was unconscious but she did have a slit pulse as soon as the ambulance got their they hooked her to IVS to add more blood to her body because she was so fragile and weak. They got to the hospital and Lily was being rushed through the hospital to the E.R to get immediate surgery to close up the hole in her stomach and to wake her up. Lily got out of surgery and was put in a room to be monitored to see if she would wake up anytime now but she didn’t, Betty and Alissa visited her in the room every day which took a toll on them because they couldn't help her when she needed them, but she wouldn’t answer or respond to them in any way shape or form  which devastated her mom when she heard of what had happened to her daughter. Lily was on life support for about a good six months before they started to lose hope that their friend was alive. For days and days Lily never woke up soon enough they decided to pronounce her brain dead even though her other functions worked perfectly they discussed it over and said to give Lily's organs to someone who needs them. Betty and Alissa were devastated they also didn’t understand why it had to happen to there best friend and why it couldn’t have been someone else, yet they were still so confused. They kept asking themselves along with everyone else, where did that hole in her stomach come from anyway and how did it get there in the first place? That night they went into the woods and find what killed their best friend they saw the game on the ground and Betty picked it up and they took it to Alissa’s house because her parents were not home. When they got to her house they set the game out and got ready to play it when Betty started to feel uneasy. Alissa rolled the dice first and a quest appeared on the board out of nowhere which startled them for a moment. When they read what they had to do it shocked them, according to the game they had to go to the woods and bring back a bone from a animal. They did as they were told to do and once they put the bone on the table it disappeared which startled them. When it was Alissa’s turn they found they had to hide the dead animal that randomly showed up at the doorstep, it was so sad because when they saw what was on their doorstep they shreked. On the doorstep was a tiny dead kitten who was curled up in a ball. The tiny kitten was still warm and they did as they were told when they got back, the board was asking for Lily to roll just than the dice rolled itself and at this point Betty and Alissa were used to it now but when they read what was on the screen they were traumatized. They decided they would do it for Lily, Betty ran to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife that she could find. They put on masks that the made themselves look completely different than what they actually looked like for disguise. Betty carried the knife while Alissa kept a lookout for people that would be good candidates for the job. When they found the perfect person for the job they were nervous but they finally leaped onto him Alissa strangling him and Betty stabbing him they got the job done and dragged his body into the woods to let animals eat him. The girls ran as fast as they could back to the house and decided to put the game up and they looked at each other and than they knew what they would do from then on out what they wanted to do. They put the masks back on and went and killed more people because of the thrill they get from doing it. How they got away with it I don’t know, it had been a year and they have killed almost 27 people. One day Betty took the game out and rolled the dice to see what she got and what it said was to go and kill Alissa so Betty grabbed the knife and went up to Alissa and cut her arm but Alissa grabbed a knife as well and now they were in a cat fight and just then Alissa plunged the knife into Bettys stomach and said it was for Lily. Alissa ran into the woods and buried the game were nobody would find it and then she hung herself, after all she did she just couldn’t live with herself. When the cops found the out about the girls they were horrified at the scene of blood and the bodies that they hid in a basement in horrible condition and now the girls serve as a lesson for everyone not to mess with The Game Of Death. But if you dare you can go to the death site of Alissa and dig it up and play if you dare to die.      


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