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  • How do you feel when you see him/her. 
  • A:I get butterflies
  • B:I'm kinda hot
  • C:I don't really feel anything 
  • How well do you knw him/her
  • A:My hole life 
  • B:little bit
  • C:Not at all
  • Why do like him/her
  • A:because of his/her personality and how well he knows me and how he/she knows a grand gesture to me is not Just about how much money he/she spends or how big it is it matters how sentimental and how much it means to me and how well he/she knows me
  • B: definitely his/her bod and I guess his/her personality
  • C:Definitely his bod No Doubt
  • At any other time have you felt feelings
  • A:yes
  • B:sometimes 
  • C:never before

If you mostly pick A: then yes it probly is love because if you have felt feelings before and it's not just his/her body that you like it's his/her personality you like and how well he/she knows you and how you feel about him/her if you really get butterflies then it really could be love and if you know him/her his/her whole life you really know each other.

If you picked B: than its probably a crush because I mean kinda hot mostly his bod and not how well he/she knows you or how he/she knows what a grand gesture its not something worth a million dollars especially for the last one if you've picked B: for the last one that it's probably t

 most definitely a crush because sometimes that means that you've been crushing on him like on and off

Last and most definitely least C: if you picked than its most definitely a crush I mean I don't really feel any thing only for the bod never had felllings for him/her never really even talked don't know him/her at all definitely not love.

But if you picked = of all of them I think you can figure that one out.


  • Jan 28, 2019

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