King Me Read Count : 7

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Romance

Look up his name

It's still the same

His pictures spell his fame

They all say hes got game

Some guys say he's lame 

But all that "he said, she said"

Don't pertain

He just in it for the gain

And to feel no pain

Glass to his lips

And thrust of his hips

As he breaks out the whips

Some girls feel lucky 

Just to get a glimpse

Under the right pretense

Standing to his defense

But none of it makes much sense

As u look up his name

It's same as before

Imagine her suprise

When he walked thru the door

And she already knows

Just what's in store

As her clothes hit the floor

And he melts her to the core

I implore

Until she needs no more

Then he's gone

Back out the door


  • Jan 28, 2019

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